Bull bars and/or grill guards

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Jan 7, 2010
I'm looking for a basic but tough front guards for frontal protection. I'm thinking about the WAAG front grill guards but just don't like the head light grills and the frame around it. Is there any manufacturer makes just the two vertical bars? Similar to the ones on police cars.
If I go with a bull bar, any suggestions? Good, strong ones that won't bend back and damage the car's front at reasonable speed.

WAAG makes just the center piece. If you want animal-strike protection get the bumper that's all of this forum.
What are you planning on hitting? Here in Idaho, we have white tail deer, Mully deer, prong horns, elk, and moose. Other than the prong horn, I would expect the animal to go over those bars and do damage to the grill, hood and possibly windshield. Of course, we have 80 MPH limits here too. With that said, I am looking at a front bumper that has bars coming up to my hood like the ARB, BIOR, or something else. If you have deer in PA (which I believe you do...) I would want something the comes up higher on the front end.

Just something else to chew on...
Yes - they will bend back and damage your bumper, hood, fenders, lights, grille... They're for show. I don't know what show.

If you're going to hit a animal tall enough to not go under the bumper, it's going to be heavy - north of 50 pounds... maybe north of 300? That little hoop has a TON of leverage at the top (end of lever). No way it's holding up to a deer, elk, moose... big puppy...
Based on my experience (hit a few deer & other animals), if you truly want protection, you need a full front end replacement that has protection above the hood line all the way across the front of the vehicle, as well as protection underneath to the skid plate. The vehicle will probably still get damaged if you hit a big animal (physics), but it would save the headlamp, fender, radiator, cooler lines, etc from being completely bashed in.

Something like an ARB combo bar or a TJM should fit the bill.
I basically just like the look. I don't want to get into an iron bumper because then I have to change out the suspension and I'm not ready to do that just yet. At minimum if I do decide to dump the stock bumper for armor I can just sell that thing for some bucks or throw it on the wife's LX.
I feel like we're all talking in such a way that you'd go out looking to hit a deer. Haha
Nah, I have a 35 Remington for that.

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