For Sale Built '94 80 series in Tennessee

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United States
Hey all,

Never thought I would sell my 80, but the time has come. It's been a great truck, and I've decided to keep the 45 series and sell this killer vehicle. No major issues with it, always has been there with good street manners and wonderful offroad/bad weather abilities. The craigslist ad is posted below. No trades, as this is a cash sale. I would like to get $9,000, but reasonable offers considered. PM me or call Joel with any questions, as I'm happy to help...


(615) 512-3106

built 1994 Toyota Landcruiser

This cruiser is rock solid, don't let mileage deter you guys!

Cloth seats, too!
Bump, anyone?
Bump to the top, price reduced to $8,500. Anyone want more pics, this cruiser is worth a look...

Ive personally seen this rig and Joel's got an awesome setup here.

A steal for $8500, good luck with the sale wish you were keeping it :crybaby:

Free bump for ya :beer:
Thanks, dan for the bump! I've been getting about 11-12 mpg in town, not too bad considering the f/r bumpers. Not done much hwy miles research... New price (after getting some good advice considering the miles on the rig), $7250. That is my bottom... Not in a hurry, just mis-priced it from the beginning. Great deal!


More pics here... thanks! Interior shots, CDL dash switch shot...
Sorry for the size of the pics, might give headaches being so close! A few more here...

Nice rig. No winch? Any known issues that the next owner might want to address? OEM gears or regeared?
OEM gears... Since I'm not at higher altitude, the power and acceleration seem similar to when I had 33's. Next major ticket item on this truck will be new rubber in the next 20,000 miles. Other than that, it's rock solid with maintenance (axle service, tune up, brakes)....

Craigslist ad says "rear locker" but no OEM switch on the dash. Lockright?
It's an Aussie locker. Minimal noise, does not affect the street driving at all, so far its great! Lots of people like these for their price, easy to install, great results...

Ha ha! I would keep it if it was a diesel! If it doesn't sell I will keep it for a future diesel conversion, possibly a cabover isuzu or Mitsubishi swap. Bump to the top for a good diesel conversion candidate!


Bump, offers?

What kind of F/R bumpers are those?

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