For Sale Built 2003 Land Cruiser

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I have Owned this LC for the past few years and truly enjoyed every minute. I Purchased this Land Cruiser from a very nice family in the Denver area. They had owned it for most of the cruisers life. To my understanding based on talking with them and the carfax, auto check etc.. They purchased it from a gentleman from the North who owned it on a lease for the first few years of its life. That being said I’m the Third owner. Perfectly clean Carfax, Auto check etc.. It has never been in an accident nor had any kind of paint/body work done. (I’m very particular about my vehicles and would not have purchased this LC if that were not the case.) I have thoroughly enjoyed building this Land Cruiser for Expedition / Camping for our family style outings. Most of the Modifications are truthfully pry overboard for the kind of camping/outings we do, however I wanted the Best of the best when considering aftermarket items.

I have over 10K in receipts from aftermarket upgrades. This is Not counting Preventative maintenance. Please see below.

2003 Galactic Grey Toyota Land Cruiser
Current 151,000 Miles
Purchased LC Completely Stock at around 115K

MODS: All Modifications were purchased brand new, Receipts available

Slee Rear Bumper
Slee Rear Tire Carrier
Slee Rear Ladder
Slee Tube Sliders
Slee GRP 31 Tray
Slee 2ND Batt Tray
Slee Diff Drop
DieHard Group 31 Marine Battery (March 2013)

ARB Front Bumper 03+
ARB Fog lights
Hella 4000’s
Hella 4000 Wiring kit
Hella 4000 Clear Covers
Warn VR 12000 LB Winch

ARB Tire fill Kit
ARB Valve Stems
ARB EZ Deflator
ARB Air Compressor (CMKA12)
ARB OME Full Heavy Suspension (Rear 863's)
ARB OME Stone Guards
Eezi Awn Roof Rack Rails
Tembo Tusk Rear Slide W/ Cutting Board *** Removed, Third row has been replaced.***
Nitto Terra Grappler 295/70/18 X5 (60+ % tread left)
Hi Lift Extreme 48” Jack
Rigid 2x2 Dually Reverse Light
Weathertech DigitalFit Floor mats

Maintenance Performed (I have a huge binder full of all Maintenance to verify all Records from Toyota) (All service below performed at my local Toyota dealership)

Oil Change (Every 5K)
Tire Rotation (Every 5K)
Drive shafts lubed (Every 5K)
Drive shafts re-torqued (Every 5K)
MAF Sensor cleaned (Every 10K)

New Toyota OEM Spark Plugs 120K
Alignment Performed 123K, 150K
Full Transmission Flush 123K
Full Coolant Flush 123K
Timing Belt, Water Pump, New Seals Etc. 118K
New Front brakes (Rotors and Pads) 110K
New Front wheel Bearings, (inner and outer) plus seals 110K
New Toyota Coolant hose T’s 125K
Sears DieHard GRP 31M Battery 135K
Amsoil Front and Rear Diff Fluid change 115K, 145K
Amsoil Transfer case gear oil Change 115K, 145K
New Toyota OEM Starter 140K
Strong-arm hood and rear hatch gas struts 130K

No longer for sale. Please see final post. Thanks.
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Maybe I'm missing it... What's your asking price. Very nice looking truck, BTW.
I want to add, The Coleman Cooler is NOT included. Also I want to apologize I Did not clean the engine bay prior to Pictures.

Please email me or MSG me with any questions. Im an honest seller and will try my best to help any way I can.

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Very nice truck! I'm glad I got to the end and saw you were asking $26.5! If you would've said $15k I'd be kicking myself for just buying mine :)

Just curious, but did I miss the details on the suspension? Looks to be very nicely built, hoping mine turns out half that nice!
Eric was a 100 in the Hills participant this year and he was part of our caravan from Denver to Ouray. I got an up close look at this truck and just like the pictures show, this is one sweet 100. I hate to see him selling it, but somebody is gonna get a well built and capable vehicle.
Thanks a Ton Stan!! Much appreciated.

I have received a few questions and wanted to post the answers here too..

Located in the NW corner of Arkansas (Fayetteville)

The LC has never been smoked in since my ownership. The Previous owners did NOT smoke either nor did it have any evidence of smoking upon my purchase of the vehicle.

Leather is in great condition. Its the Grey leather. I condition the leather regularly and there are no rips or stains.

The Third row seats ARE included with sale. I have them stored currently in a climate controlled storage unit. They are also in great shape.

If the third row was installed, the rear fridge/cooler slide simply unbolts and the third row could take its place. The rear slide out can be very easily removed if wanted.

This may be a moot point, but the LC gets Premium Non-Ethanol fuel about 99% of the time. The only times I have used ethanol blended fuel is when I have been in Colorado or on a trip where ethanol fuel is all that's available.

I have also been asked about interior pictures. I will get some taken Tomorrow and get them posted ASAP.

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For those that have sent me messages about the interior pictures I am working on those. I should have them by tonight and will get them posted ASAP. Work has been busy lately and I apologize.

Thanks guys..

For those that know me and the LC I Really appreciate the comments!!! :beer::beer:

To Those actually interested and who have been waiting for interior / undercarriage pics I just sent additional pictures and Info Via E-Mail..

Thanks again :popcorn:
One of the nicest 100's on the board. Good luck with the sale...will you be renting a Jeep in Ouray next year? lol
Back to the top!

I have had a few VERY interested folks and it simply hasn't worked out. I will leave this on the market for a few weeks with the updated price.

If she doesn't sell im going to finish the Eezi Awn rack with a RTT and hopefully one day will pass her down for my daughter's first car. (she's 1.5 yrs old now LOL)

Thanks for all the support on the sale guys!!

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WOW...!!! Amazing 100, best of luck with the sale. Would love to see the interior was Navi an option in 2003..?
Any updates on interior pics and underside pics (any rust at all there being a former northern/CO truck)?
Yes, I have multiple pictures of both the interior and undercarriage.

Shoot me a email, or post up/PM me your email and I will get those pictures sent out.

Mouse: this is a factory navigation truck.


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