Buena Vista Weekend; August 10, 11 and 12

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Sep 10, 2008
Last year we most of us met and camped in the Brown's creek area Friday night. Sat. morning we ran Pomeroy Lakes as a group then went to St. Elmo. From there we split and one group went up towards Antero and the other over Tin cup I believe while another may have done the hot springs. One group camped at another location Sat. night and the others returned to the same camp spot. On Sunday Chinaman's was run by a couple of folks.

So you kind of get the idea. You can do your own thing in terms of difficulty. I would propose something similar where folks could base camp and others could camp in a different spot the second night.

Here is a link to last years planning thread/report


So start posting ideas :popcorn:


Leon 1-2
Vic 1
Paul 2-3
Eric 2


Andy 1
Greg 2
Shawn 1
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Sounds great, we are planning on this one. Probably nothing more difficult than Wheeler Lake for us. Camping in a new spot the second night sounds great.
I will probably make it this year. Two weeks ago, I did Antero, the Iron Chest rock garden, and the entrance to Grizzly, showing my son-in-law and daughter (now living in N.C.) how we do it in Colorado. It gave me the fever to get out and do some more trips with the club.
We are two weeks out and I started making a list of those attending, see bottom of the first post.

Should we camp at the same place as we did last year for the first night? Second night for me will be on the trail, somewhere.

At last weeks meeting there was talk of Hancock lakes area for exploring. There were some others but I have to get the map back out.
I'm planning on going this year - finally! 1 truck, 2 people. Haven't looked at the maps much yet.
Put me down as a maybe for right now. 1 vehicle, 2 people. I just have to see what the ole' work schedule will look like.

Just moved out to pueblo a few weeks ago. if i can get my misfire fixed and get some sliders on I'd love to tag along. just me and a dog most likely.

I have updated the most recent changes to the list. I propose we camp near the same spot we did last year, it is just an easy place to meet. Turn off Hwy 285 onto 272, continue until 272 turns south then head down to about a 1/4 north of the trailhead, marked TH on the map, near the edge of the private land. Not the area circled that is from another trip. There are pit toilets at the TH.

Right now I plan on leaving Friday afternoon maybe between 4-5. Is anyone planning on going early to get us a camp spot? Please post up intentions so we know how many to plan on. Cell phone coverage is spotty, this is where HAM radio comes in handy, sorry for the shameless plug ;) btw I'll be bringing my mobile HF rig to play with at camp, we'll see how long my battery will hold out.

cruiser campout3.jpg

cruiser campout3.jpg
Sounds good - hoping to get out around 5 on Friday. Is there a preferred 2M repeater up there? 146.460 for simplex?
Well I don't think I'm going to make it this weekend. But, If anyone is interested in going to the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs I have a rain check ticket good for 3 adults and 1 child with access to the waterslide. The face value of our original tickets were $22 per adult and $15 for the child. We got rained out less than an hour after we got there so the Resort comped us. If anyone is interested I'm looking to get like $40 for the entire raincheck or best offer. let me know if anyone is interested. The raincheck is good until 9/2/12.

The camping spot sounds good, not sure yet what time we will arrive on Friday.
The turn off from 285 is marked 270. You can see it on the map as a dotted line right under the R78W. That runs into 272 and takes you to browns creek camping area. There are pipelines going across the road overhead on 285, cant miss them, go under one set and look for the right turn, go under two sets or see the gas station, and you've gone too far. Once in the camp area, there is a forest service information sign, go left at that point and follow almost to the end. Camp spots change out there every year, as there is no way to really reserve anything. Once in the camping area, CB should be sufficient to reach the group.... A HAM radio would still be better ;)
Thanks for the clarification Luke.

CB channel 4
Simplex 146.460
Repeater MARC Badger Mtn. 146.685MHz( -) 107.2 Hz
I remember hearing the this repeater may be down. I'll look into that.

As an alternate
CMRG Badger Mtn. 147.360(+) 107.2 Hz
MARC Badger Mtn. repeater is up, let's go with that as primary repeater frequency.
I made it up to Browns Lake Saturday Evening hoping to catch up with you all. Sorry I missed you. Still I had a great time. And caught a bunch of Meteors about 3AM. Also Caught some trout this morning fly fishing those little beaver ponds above Brown's Lake.
Glad you had a good time. We we not up in that area, it sure is a pretty in there.
Trip Report

Well it was a small but fun group. I got to Brown's Creek a little before 6 and found Paul and his daughter Elena waiting. We drove down to the camp we had last year and it was much less crowded. Eric and Jenny showed up just before dark. A bizarre sight before Eric showed up was a small (Toyota I think) pick up truck with a john boat on the roof. It took us a while to figure our what we were looking at and then realized there were people riding in the boat on top of the truck. Unfortunately my pictures didn't turn out. I spent a bit of time on the HAM radio and got a contact in Ukraine.

The next day we set off for Hancock Pass, it was a bit cool and windy. Next we decided to head to Alpine Tunnel and had lunch up there before checking that out. There were some interesting old buildings and they were restoring the main station building. Seems like an odd place for a restaurant and boarding house. Next we headed back down and decided to check out Williams pass as it is only open in August. It was a bumpy rocky trail but very scenic. The worst part of the trail was trying to make the turn from the main road, it would have been much easier from the other direction. After that we went into St. Elmo and checked out some of the old stuff behind the stores. We then decided to take on Tincup pass and went on down to Mirror Lake. Pretty area but there were more people there than we cared to camp around so we headed back up and over the pass. We found a nice camp spot by a creek not too far below tree line. I spent a bit of time again on the HAM radio getting several stateside contacts. The highlight of the night was getting the South Island of New Zealand :cool: I was surprised I was getting out as we were in a pretty steep sided valley with high terrain on all sides except to the east. Then about 10:30, after everybody else had turned in, some bonehead was organizing the back of his LX450, laid down on his key fob and set off the car alarm :doh: There's one in every crowd. Poor Paul and Elena had their tent right next to the commotion.

The next day Eric and Jenny had to get an early start. After they left Paul, Elena and myself set out to hike up a bit of the Continental Divide Trail that was near our camp. After that we headed up to Pomeroy Lake and had lunch. I left shortly after and Paul and Elena stayed up to explore.

Nothing too exciting but it was a great trip!

Hancock Pass
Hancock Pass.jpg

Railroad Wall
RR wall.jpg

Alpine Tunnel
Alpine Tunnel.jpg

Hancock Pass.jpg

RR wall.jpg

Alpine Tunnel.jpg
We spent a good part of the day on the mountain, hiked by the lake, went up to the Mary Murphy Mine, checked out numerous old mine buildings and didn't get back to St Elmo until after 5pm. Ended up camping another night east of Buena Vista. We had a good time and enjoyed running the trails with Leon, Eric and Jenny. Will try to post some pictures tomorrow.

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