Browsing problems while NOT logged in?

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May 12, 2004
BC, Canada
Hi Woody:

Just noticed that when I'm loading up a page/thread that I would like to view while I'm not logged in, that an error message pops up about an error loading the page and a bunch of the replies are usually missing.

But...when I log in and view the same page, everything's fine. Also, what's the deal with this? Never seen it before, and it doesn't do it when I'm logged this part of the problem?


hhhmmm....the vibrant media stuff just activated today, I'm still tweaking it...

thanks for the heads up tho...hopefulyl, it's only the result of it not being activated quite yet.... (ie: just active early this morning!)
Not a fan of the Intellitext linking keywords...really slows down the browsing experience (even with broadband) and necessitated the changing of my browsing colors....

But I assume this is for revenue Woody, right? As such, I understand...maybe dues need to go up a bit to get rid of these things....

Just my tard opinion...:grinpimp:

disabled it after about 12 hours, but it had some impressive numbers....

working with the company to see what tweaks they can do to improve it's performance and make it WILL be filtered from most users anyways, it's primarily for guests ;)

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