"brown" 60s

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View attachment 60100This is my 60 pre v8 the toyota badge has since been replaced with a bowtie.

It's a rootbeer 1982 FJ60 (I think the factory color name is copper metallic)

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Ewwww.. I never got used to a bowtie on a Toyota.

FJ B60.jpg
I love it too. Hell I am even painting my 80 60 spec brown.
Here's charcoal gray with blacked out....sorry cant help with brown.
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I have also been waiting to see what it looks like myself. Then again i am in the middle of building my 45. Someone out there has to have one done already.
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It's really Rootbeer - I've got 2 of 'em. 83 with stock grille & 84 with no grill. Someday I'll make a grill for the 84 to match Specter's headlight grills, but til then it's without.

I'd never put a bowtie on the grill, but I have thought about an LC570 for the tailgate.
I like the LC570 idea. Hmmmmm. Gonna start working on that one.

If you do a sano conversion with the 350 you get a Chevota. If you hack and slap it together you get a Toylet!
what's a spectors headlight grill? is that a rock guard like in the pics above.
Brown interiors are alright as long as your rig is not two-tone black and grey like mine. PO's :rolleyes:
Dynosoar said:
This is my 60 pre v8 the toyota badge has since been replaced with a bowtie.



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