Bringin' In The Bacon, by Rigger & Toyrod

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Ramble Tamble
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May 17, 2007
Toyrod and I set out this morning to rescue a wayward Piggy. We'll post up pics and commentary.
FJ55 001.jpg
The Pig was spotted in a field. I had negotiated a price on it and secured it from the seller a few weeks ago. Toyrod brought all the rescue gear, including pull truck and car hauler trailer. I rode shotgun and navigated the way in. Here's Toyrod airing up the tires so we can pull the swine to safety!
FJ55 004.jpg
That Pig wanted to be leaving that field. His tires held air, his steering worked, and even was able to hold brake pedal pressure, after sitting for 18 years!

Toyrod's hauler had a nice electric winch on it. Makes getting the Pig up on the trailer easier!
FJ55 008.jpg
Chaining up:
FJ55 012.jpg
FJ55 013.jpg
FJ55 014.jpg
It is looking like a parts pig, not a runner. Toyrod will probably have a parting out or parts for sale thread up soon.

I'll stand down now and let Toyrod post up a few pics and comments. After all, this was a team effort!


- Rigger
Dunno...that frame looks pretty solid. Could be a fun trail rig!!
The frame is great. I'll get some pics posted later. The rust factor is pretty minimal on this body. However, the ranch truck body work is extensive. The "modified by natures creatures" interior work is pretty thorough also.
Yeah, the mouse nest upholstery was pretty special! :D
Found a set of keys in the glove box. They are factory originals and look like they have never been used!!
Found a set of keys in the glove box. They are factory originals and look like they have never been used!!

Pics or it didn't happen! :D
As requested

Keys, original owner id and manuals
Most Excellent! :bounce:
Pig in better company

Pics of the pig in my driveway, wife was relatively civilized.....
I liked this picture, right before we headed out of that grassy field . . .
FJ55 025.jpg
Posted an ad with prices in the classifieds section. Had to promise the wife that this rig would be gone in a month. That gives me about 2 months until DEFCON 9!!!
There were a few other old rigs in that field. I won't get too far into it, because it is off-topic and this is an FJ55 forum.

But, I will post this pic of the dashboard of one of those old cars. It was really cool-looking!
FJ55 018.jpg

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