Brake line woes

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Oct 12, 2007
Greenwood, CA.
I have been using 3 AN fitting and SS hose for the front brake lines on my SO FJ60. I have had this set-up for many years without problems.

I recently changed out the shock mounting on the front axle and one end of the shock that mounts to the axle is kind of in the way of the flexable brake line. So with everything installed I tried by hand to slightly bend the fitting at the end of the SS hose and it broke off.

This worries me, it might be a cheap manufactured hose but I cant tell the difference. In the meantime I installed a 45 degree fitting where I wanted the bend but I am no longer confident in the AN fitting stuff compaired to the stock hoses.

I'll post pictures this evening, I am looking for other ideas. I like the SS hoses becouse of the firm feel of the brake pedal.
nothing to add but what I don't like about SS brake lines, it's you never know / notice when they are going south ..

In a OEM line / hose you can tell the age and get a replacement ..
I like the SS hoses too. I usually get mine made at a local speed shop. Usually use Earl's hoses & fittings...
Brake like woes

This is how it turned out for not, but I dont feel comfortable yet.

What actually broke, the SS hose or the -AN fitting? Were they aluminum fittings?
I have a flex line that goes directly to my caliper .. makes easy when you need to take apart knuckle without hard line hassle ..

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