brake line and hose sources needed

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Jan 31, 2003
"the whale's vagina", CA
Looking for a source for new brake hard lines and possibly stainless steel braided hoses for my 73 FJ40. stainless steel is not mandatory nor is stainless braided hoses. I am running the downey disc kit in the rear and toy mini truck discs up front. I would like to find a complete kit that would work with what I am running, just bolt up and go would be nice, prebent. I found some kits at but they are pricey for the hard lines and the hoses. Any reccomendations are appreciated.



1973 FJ40
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I'm not sure if you will find a direct bolt-in kit if you have discs on your '73. Here is another source of hard lines:

I've never done business with them, but then again, I've never met a person from New Hampshire that I didn't like. I've heard some of the hard lines are still available through Toyota, but I'm sure they are expensive.
thanks, looks like I will need to learn to bend some brake line on my own, anyone know of a place that will sell you a roll of stainless steel hard line with the specified fittings you ask for? This way I could go SS but just bend stuff myself, etc. I think I can get the stainles steel hoses done here at a place locally. How much longer over stock do people go to compensate for a spring over suspension?


Bought stainelss braided from Specter Off Road.  Not the cheapest brake lines in the world, but are pretty heavy duty.  Went to those after installing the 4' lift - needed longer lines.  I believe that cool Cruisers of Texas has them along with Man-a-fre.  They all seem to be priced about the same ~100.00 for a set of four. 8)
I have been using the 58 inch lengths of steel brake tube from NAPA. I just cut it to length and it comes with the fittings. The only problem I have had is the fittings that come with the brake tubes (not just napa) dont mate up well to the fittings found on SOR's (goodridge) SS brake hose kit. Problem was solved by taking the napa fittings to a machine shop and having them shortened and re-tapered at the ends.

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