Brake Light Problem on BJ73

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Apr 16, 2014
1992 BJ73 with VM 2.5l TD, 12v system. Recently purchased it and found that both of the brake lights are out. Both tail lights work. The bulb sockets have two terminals as do the bulbs. Checking each terminal on the bulb with a VOM, shows low ohms so they're good. Removed the brake light switch from the brake pedal so the pin can remain extended, the switch closed, and allow current to the bulb sockets. Checking one of the bulb socket terminals shows 12v. The other one is 0v as it should be with the lights off. Turn on the lights and both terminals show 12v as they should. Separated the wiring plug at the backend and check continuity for the brake light wire from the bulb socket side of the plug to one of the socket terminals, it shows low ohms. Check continuity for tail light wire from the bulb socket side of the plug to the other socket terminal and it also shows low ohms. So there's voltage to one bulb socket terminal from the brake light switch and voltage to the other bulb socket terminal for the tail lights. No break in the wiring. Bulbs are good. Seems like the bulb socket is grounded correctly since the tail lights work.

The tail light assemblies say Toyota and they look to be original.

What am I missing?


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