brake caliper

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Apr 24, 2003
has any1 got a writeup on rebuilding front fj40 disk calipers. i think my drivers side 1 has frozen

sorry for all my questions
the parts stores around here have them for $35 or so with core....for that price, it ain't worth the effort....

Does the rebuilt kit come with instructions??? Sometimes they do....and sometimes they are even right...hehehe
I agree with Brian on the calipers if the price is that low. Caliper rebuilds are pretty easy, especially if you have access to compressed air to get the pistons out. Basically clean up the caliper exterior, pull off piston boots, and remove pistons. Clean up pistons as required. Put grease on pistons and new o-rings. Replace o-rings and install pistons with new boots.

Mount, bleed and go.
I purchased my rebuilt calipers from a local shop for $35 each. I did, however, have to shell out another $95 each :eek: for the core charge.
Even though the rebuild is pretty easy, $35 is hard to beat for my time. On the other hand, there is certainly satisfaction in doing it yourself (and having the confidence that it was done right).

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