Boxing The Frame....I NEED It!

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Dec 4, 2002
I found a company called TLC Concepts that sells a frame Box Kit that fits where the frame isn't originally boxed. My problem is my mid-frame inner channel is rusting in some areas. The area that concerns me most is the bottom of the channel where the leaf spring hanger mounts (Front of rear leaf,driver's side).
I currently had the outside of the mid-frame skinned with 1/8" steel mig-welded in place because of thin spots in the frame.
I have an idea to remove the existing,damaged inner channel and replacing it with 3/16" steel plate (or channel). Have any of you tried this?
I know some of you suggested a new frame. That's probably not a bad idea but it seems more labor-extensive and expensive than replacing the existing damaged areas. Any ideas? ???
What's the TLC concepts' web site? I'm thinking of doing the same thing to my cruiser. A guy back in Vermont, Tyke Moses (his name has come up here a few times in the past, Poor Wallys' Cruiser Emporium) I buy parts from reduilds cruisers, he usually boxes the frames if he's doing any work in that area; his work is very impressive, sickenly beefy. If you're in the east/New England area give him a call.
Here you go Gus:

Great pics of the rear frame boxing on their website. The price isn't bad either,$125. It INCLUDES shipping! I wish they made a kit to replace the mid- channel !
Thanks for the link Iron_pig, that looks like an easier project than I had imagined. :D
Iron Pig,
yeah replacing the frame would be a PITA but just look at what theses guys offer it makes me drool... ok so it isn't toyota purest but if you frame is going... why not..

just my .02$


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