Bottle jack lever storage location?

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Nov 17, 2021
I've searched and searched, so I apologize if this is an obvious answer or has been answered elsewhere. New-to-me 78 FJ40, I know the bottle jack goes under the driver's seat, the two extensions go on the passenger side behind the rear jump seat, where's the storage location for the lever? Am I missing somewhere that it fits with the extensions?
If similar to other FJ40's, It's stored in the tool bag, held in place under the driver's seat with an elastic band clipped to the floor.
Thank you! I just picked it up a couple of weeks ago, so a lot of this is new to me. I read your reply and was like "huh, a tool bag?" and started researching. Man, what a rabbit hole that is! Thanks for getting me started!

This a very long rabbit hole xD

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