both of my mercedes are for sale! MUD DISCOUNT

United States
I have them listed locally on craigslist and im willing to wheel and deal. Also mud members will get a discount just cause we are cool like that.

vehicle listed are a 1980 Mercedes 300SD straight 5 Turbo Diesel
and a 1971 Mercedes 250C with a gas straight 6

click the links below to see the adds.
1980 Mercedes 300SD

all pictures are in the adds and i can get more if requested.

Feel free to contact me via e-mail, mud PM, or via craigslist.

Thank you for looking

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Sep 21, 2006
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Man, I really like that 300SD. Had a 300D awhile back, and selling it was the worst thing I did car-wise. I had 347k miles on it, and it never missed a beat. If I remember correctly, I got mad about having to replace the brakes until I realized that I got about 120k miles out of them!
Good fuel economy, comfortable, and reliable.
A Mercedes.
Oct 19, 2006
Ft. Worthless, TEXAS!
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this pic reminds me of this song..

YouTube - leprachaun music video :lol:

hahahahaha yea thats a good friend of mine i usually just call him leprachaun.

cars are both still for sale lots of interest in the 250C and a few on the 300SD but no money yet.
Im a motivated seller and very open to trades partial trade ect.
i really want / need a 3/4-1ton truck preferably diesel. (so maybe something can be worked out on a trade up or down in either direction??)

Thank yall for looking!

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