"Borrowing" an E-locker

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Jun 9, 2003
Mesa, Arizona
I have been pondering some work on my FJ55, and one of the things I would like to do is go from 3.73s to 4.11s. The best and cheapest way to do this seems to be to get used third members.

Then I got thinking, as long as I was going to pony up for new-to-me third member, I might as well look into getting one with an 80 series e-locker for up front. Well, it turns out these things are kind of expensive. But then I got thinking again, and realized that I have access to e-locker 4.11 third member, it just happens to be attached to my wife's 93 80.

Everyone see the plan? I find a nice cheap 4.11 third member, perform an exchange with the wifes 80, and install the locker on my 55.

No before everyone on this 80's loving list goes nuts, let me assure you that this would be temporary. Some day the 80 will likely become my vehicle, and the locker can go back in it. Until that day, it will not likely ever to be used. In fact, the only time I tried to use it (to test it) it didn't work, so I assume the actuator has got to be cleaned up. In fact, the light kept flashing on both of them.

Are there any unforeseen problems with this plan? Would not having the e-locker in confuse the computer or something? Can a non-lockered third member from 40 or 62 fit into previously lockered 80 rear? Axle splines the same?

If this turns out to be a bad idea, what is the going price for a used rear E-locker from an 80? Can you still get them from a dealer-- and what does that cost?

Thanks, and sorry to those who will undoubtedly find the mere thought of removing a locker from a functioning 80 sacrilegious

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>> Would not having the e-locker in confuse the computer or something? <<
Probably not, but you'll never get the front locked without fooling the diff lock ECU into thinking the rear is locked.... not that you would want to lock the front.


When I killed my rear actuator I still could lock the front diff. The front will lock and the rear will just flash untill I lock the rear with the Downey Cable Locker setup.
I took your advice to Doug. :D
Isn't that normal behavior for the lights to flash...at least until they fully engage and then they're on? Just thought I'd mention it.
A non lock 80 REAR diff will drop in a rear locker housing just fine. The RH axle shaft will also work with the non lock diff. You would need to cover the exposed connectors to protect them. The non lock diif would need to come out of an 80 series.

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The non lock diif would need to come out of an 80 series.


Really? This is suprising to me. If you can take an e-locker diff and put it in the front of a 60 series, why can't you take a 60 series third and put it in the full-floating formally locked 80 back?

The only reason I could think of would be the companion flange-- but those could be changed out. Maybe spline?

BTW, can you take a non-locking 80 series rear third member and put in a 60 series (semi-floating) rear axle? Would it depend on if the 80 series rear third member was full or semi-floating?

I based my statement on catalog application. The differential part number that fits an 80 does not show fitting any other models. The non lock diff in the 80 is the same part number for both ff and sf versions. In addition the differential "case" or "shell" part number is specific to 80 series. This data does not mean that they couldn't be swapped around to see if they will fit, it means that they are not identical. The 80 series gear ratio is 4.10 to 1 and the 40-55-60-62's are found in 3.70 to 1 and 4.11 to 1.


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