Bored with P0401

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Feb 7, 2006
Aragon, Spain.
...And an elevated fuel consumption. (Last time 21.13 gal -> 237 miles). Changed the VSV, some hoses and the O2 sensors. Thinking on changing the whole EGR systems, and regulators. ¿Any cheap provider?
The Green Mushroom:

TOYOTA 25870-66010
DENSO 139000-3130

The Red Mushroom:

TOYOTA 25620-66011
DENSO 135000-3920

Throttle Possition Switch:

TOYOTA 89452-22090

Suggestions? Any other possible component?
What are the emission regulations in Spain? Why not just de-emission your vehicle?


Vehicles here in Spain has to comply with EC emission patterns. They are slightly less restrictive than in the US. They are called EURO, and named by roman numbers (actual IV) u can learn more in the wiki.

European emission standards - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

You've got to test your vehicle every year. (Of course, once test is passed u can make the trick, but... in case of accident, your insurance company can wash it hands on responsability... if they find that)

But the question is that fuel consumption is exhorbitated!

11'12 mpg!

ECU malfunction?
MPG - Do you have stock size tires? That's probably about what I get with 35's, stock R&P, and no speedo correction.

As far as the 0401, mine just came on too, I turned it off, (with a scanner), it came on a couple starts later, turned it off, then I drove on a 300 mile round trip and it didn't come on again for a week.

As far as fixing it, I wouldn't suggest throwing money at it by buying a bunch of parts. Check out the FSM and follow the procedure for diagnosing it first. Haven't done it myself yet, but plan to...
That's how the EGR modulator (green cap) filter looked like. It also seemed wet somehow.

¿Enought tar dirt for that fuel consumption?


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