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Sep 23, 2004
Ok so pretty much as soon as I put the new locker in I've had to pull it out. It's a lock right v6 4 pinion case locker. I followed everything to the T and it all seemed to go in fine. I put less than 50 STREET miles on it and went to put new fluid in the axle and a small pice of metal was on my drain plug. SO out comes the diff and when I split open the case.....ALL 4 pins in the locker are broken!!?? WTF!?!? I've seen one other mention of broken pins/springs on a v6 split case locker but it was with an abused ez locker.

Anyone with advice?? I'm calling Richmond tomorrow...
Yeah they are junk lockers. I have one in my rear end because it was cheap. Its from them engaging late and slapping it when your already doing 20mph. I should probably check mine. I had a loud pop and thought it was just it engaging late. I guess if it still ratchets and still wants to buck around turns its still working though right?

Can you replace those pins?
I'm going to have to ask for an explination on that 5 PSI thing..... It does not make sense (Unless this locker is a total piece of crap)

My 2 thoughts:

1 The psi difference causes one tire to have a larger rolling measurment, like the truck was turning.... But if that's the case wouldn't it break when turning?

2 The difference causes one tire to have more traction than the other..... However, isn't that the only thing a locker is suposed to do? Supply power to a tire when the other has no traction?

So what's the deal?
i had the same thing happen to me. I had an EZ Locker. I called them up, explained that all the pins had snapped, and they sent me new pins and springs.
buyin' a cheap locker doesn't mean your gettin' the best locker. know what i mean.

that is just rediculos.
I dont know why it would have done that. we just heard they are junk, and its proving very quicly to be true. Be sure to relay what the company says.

The psi statment seems very valid. I would never have thot that 5 puonds and maybe 3/8" makes a difference.
I have had a Richmond Lock-right in my vehicle for a little bit over a year now........ I have had no issues for the price this is a great locker, I have ran the tires with more than a 5 psi difference for over 30 miles(ran out of co2 airing up) Just my two cents...
I broke the cross-pins in my RD23 ARB. ARB said it was likely a bent axle housing causing the problem by side loading the spiders... Replaced the housing just to be safe.
talked to richmond today. no definitive answer about what caused the broken pins but they have no problem doing a warrenty swap. Of course I pay return shipping, not much so I won't complain if they can get me somthing that works. They did say if I reused my factory side gear shims and they were in good shape there was nothing else to check.

As for the bent axle housing, my thrust angles in the rear are just fine.
I don't think you can judge this type of locker by price. Yes it is a compromise but for it's simplicity and the moderate 'wheeling I do there is no need for an all out like Detroit or ARB.

And I don't know if you could classify this as a total failure, I mean the locker was locking and seemed to unlock in a turn.....but that is just based on my experince with the e-locker on my 80 series. Like I said without that very small piece of metal I'd have never known any better and anyone else with this problem wouldn't either. I think my OC-ness with my work is about the only thing that caught this. I mean the piece of metal was very small and no doubt would have been ground up by the gears in no time. Also the broken pins have no real way of comming out of place, nor from what I can tell the springs either. If I had put more miles on it and then changed fluid I'd never found anything and I'd be oblivious.
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I'm gonna make an even cheaper locker, should sell like hot cakes!!

(but who cares the quality ;) right?)

Someone beat you to it, called the Aussie Locker and already proven to take a beating!:rolleyes:
So what exaclty happens with the locker when its got broken pins? Your making me wanna go check mine now...
From what I've been reading through online, there was never a real sign that the pins had sheared. Guys have just pulled the diff and low and behold broken pins. Also from what I can tell, a 2 pinion one pice case locker should do better than a 4 pinion split case. I think the issue with mine is that it re-uses the side gears and there is no adjustment or check because of this and the two piece case. --kinda wishing I didn't go to a v6 diff but the 4.88 gears are way nice.

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