blown hg

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Nov 3, 2006
So I blew my HG the other day. I have 207,000 miles on the engine it is a 1997. I am thinking I will go ahead and do complete rebuild. My question is will I notice power gains with just the rebuild or should I supercharge it while I have the whole thing torn apart.
supercharge it if you are looking for more power. I doubt a rebuild alone will do it for you.
she is a 97 with an OME 2.5 lift and swamper bias ply Q78-16 on tundra 7" wheels, rear drawers, no fender flares, herculined, I do plan on adding a winch in the front and possibly in the rear, spare tire carrier and a long range fuel tank. My problem is when I tow my boat (only about 1000lb ) I can really feel it bog down, on topof that try to cross the pass with the boat is just embarassing. I was hoping that I needed a SC.
good luck finding a supercharger

If you presently have a SC in your possession then by all means use it.

If on the other hand you don't well then..........................
If you do a rebuild and have a capable shop in your area I would consider overboring.
I do not have a SC but I was under the assumption that I could get one from LC or Kazuma. I am interested in the overboring but I do not know if I can get the parts from toyota or if I need to go somewhere else. I would like to do a complete rebuild. I also do not know of a good shop in the seattle area. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
Please consider sending your old head gasket to CDan who is collecting them.
Do you think that buying a long block or having my block rebuilt is a better way to go. I am afraid that I wont get as good of quality out of a long block unless mr.T offers one.

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