blowing engine fuse


Aug 5, 2003
Abingdon Va.
I have a 76 40 with a 250 chevy 6 cyl. just took it out for a cruise today after coming back from Tellico, and it just quit running down the road. the fuse to the engine was blown put in a new one and it blew right away. Hot wired it and got back home but I can not find out why it is blowing the fuse . I un hooked all the conectors to the steering colum and the box under the dash but nothing seems to help I do not have a wiring digram . any sugestions would be appreaced . Thanks Bill


Feb 6, 2002
Download the schematic for a '78 FJ40 on the technical links section:

It would have saved you the effort of disassembling the steering column and fooling with stuff under the dash, because you would know that all that stuff is upstream from the engine fuse, so it can't be the reason this fuse blows.

The engine fuse on OEM wired cruisers only runs the voltage regulator, smog control computer and VSV and the carb cooling fan.

Since your engine won't run if this fuse is blown, chances are that the PO wired the ignition through this fuse instead of the way Toyota designed it (ignitor and coil not fused). Start disconnecting and or tracing wires that are on the ground side of the engine fuse until you find the point at which it is shorted. No need to fool with things that are upstream (on the battery + side) of the engine fuse.
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