Blocked viewing a page - How to contact Admin / Support ?

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Jan 29, 2022
San Francisco, CA

I'm being blocked from viewing something which seems like a mistake.

On an old post (post #24 here) on a thread about getting upholstery work done in Tijuana - "Tijuana Upholstery", there is a link to ""Gringo's guide to negotiating in TJ."
But when I click on it, an alert says, "You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action."

Is there something that can be done about this ?

Is there some way to contact the admins ?
I tried the "Contact Us" link at the bottom but didn't hear anything back.


Either you put the OP of the thread on Ignore, or they put you on Ignore.
The thread ? or that particular post/comment.

Thanks for the reply, but I seriously doubt it's anything personal like that.
For myself, I have no one "Ignored".
For the OP, I had just jumped on the ih8mud for the sole reason of viewing that one thread I'd found via Google, so there'd be no reason for anyone to ignore me. I hadn't posted a single thing yet, was just viewing.
Unless, the OP ignored everyone I suppose - but not likely.

By OP, you mean the thread starter ? or the person who wrote that particular #24 comment.
Anyway, the same logic applies.

I have the feeling it has more to do with that I just registered, or the linked-to page is missing, or some other mysterious glitch.


The link is in ChitChat. ChitChat is hidden from guests and all newly registered members. Too much new-member drama.
Ok thanks.

but . . .

Haha, you mean too much drama - in ChitChat ?
What could that be all about.
Helpless people ? born-angry people ?
Funny !
There was thread started in the 80 group about getting seats recovered in TJ the other day so I thought this would be the place to give Gringos a place to learn how to negotiate in TJ whether it be for seats for your Toyota, Viagra, cigarettes, or whatever vice you might have:)

First, a little background on me. I am full blooded Gringo married to a Bolivian. Lived in Chula Vista for several years (back yard is TJ), and most recently lived in Costa Rica for three years. So, based on my experience haggling for deals in various Central and South American countries here it goes.

Disclaimer: This dialogue is specific to TJ.....if you were in Costa Rica just replace "Buey" with "Mae" or if Argentina "Che" .

So you find the place you want to go and walk up to the owner and you say....

"Oye carnal, cuanto me cobras para tapar mi asiento de mi trucke...(Obviously trucke is Spanglish but once again this is TJ)

This is when he will repond with a ridculously high amount because you're gringo and ALL gringos have money.......this is when you respond about how poor you are and make up all kinds of personal issues to accentuate your point about being poor.

"Nombre, no soy rico buey....mi mujer me dejo y tengo cinco hijos, no tengo empleo, tengo problemas de salud y mi piche perro murio anoche."

This is where he responds with a slightly lower price price, but still too much in your mind. And then you respond.... "No me mames buey...dame un precio justo."

This moment is critical as he will problably pull his gun in which you take off running for your life or he will negotiate with you....which is what you want. Once you agree on price then you say...

"Orale buey, ahora estamos fumando la misma marijuana."

Once a price has been agreed upon only give 1/3'' of the price to start work. DO NOT give him the whole amount. I have seen many a gringo ripped off by paying up front.

And there you have it....a gringo's guide to negotiating in TJ.
^That’s all you are missing out on.
Hey thanks man, really great of you to retrieve and repost here.
But yeh, you're right - I'd thought it'd be a little more sophisticated, whereas it turns out a bit silly goofy.
So it goes.

Thanks again !

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