Bling lc80

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I'm not usually a big fan of Bling chrome for off road, but those cruisers do look nice. I just wish my paint was still shiny like that...
Great, just what LX_TREME needs to see!
I like the bumper also... Very cool...
(Insert your own smartass phrase expressing dumdfoundedness or total annoyance with the above pictures here)
I think we are annoyed because there are no trail pinstripes, dents, ripped flares, etc... like ours! Street rigs all the way... really bringing these models into the 21st century, I must say. Not that I love it!~
Looking closer the bumper is from Piak Rayong Offroad. One website I found has a pic of it. They have a rear bumper that I like that allows you to keep mud flaps?

I would be interested in the rear bumper but I cannot find any info.

This is the site I found. RIDE - PIAK Bumpers

Nothing screams douchebag like an emblem proclaiming the size of your rims.
sir its a piak bumper. we sell that kind of bumper here in our shop at the philippines.
What's bumper #1?
I was wondering what kind of bumper that was too Piak??
I keep seeing them on some of the armored cruisers over here.

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