BJ74 windshield

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Aug 12, 2014
Near Charlottesville, VA
My new-to-me BJ74 was finally off-loaded from a vehicle hauling rig today. I see now I have to get a new windshield for it to pass Virginia Inspection.
I did a search in this forum and found what appear to be the correct parts numbers, one from ToyotaDIY.

Any hope that a Safelite Autoglass place would be able to get this glass or is this a dealer only item?

Where could I buy the glass if dealer cannot get it?
When my windshield shattered I did quite a lot of digging. The only place I had luck with was Mr. Toyota himself. The dealer had to order it in from Japan but it didn't take too long or anything. Safelite installed it though (that's what the insurance wanted).
According to the catalog at the time there were three windshields they had access to. If that doesn't work out you could always check with some of the companies that make the conversion trucks for the mines.
Dealer says $700 for the windshield IF the computer inventory is correct and they actually have 4 at the National Warehouse.

Also says there are no windshield gaskets in USA at this time. Backorder to Japan?
56121-90K03 would be the correct weatherstrip if you want to retain the chrome mouldings. The 90K01 is plain black without a moulding groove. The 90K03 is a non-import part but I have a new one at home in the garage if you would want to go that way.
Thanks Dan but I think I've got myself set up now.
I did a search using Google and found a thread from MUD in the Classifieds area: aimed towards

I'm going to get a new frame, glass and all new rubber for in and around the frame. There's a leak somewhere and it looks like the windshield frame is the culprit.

This kind of searching and waiting around reminds me of driving/fixing my 68 MGBGT back in the days before internet.
You often dont need to replace the rubber. I replaced a broken windscreen on my 75 series and the 25 year old rubber was fine. I smeared it with Rubber Grease before putting it back on and it looked and felt like new.

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