BJ74 fibreglass flares

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May 15, 2005
So I'm wondering where these aftermarket flares are to buy? Is anyone making them for sale here?
I'm thinking of having a mold made and creating sets for sale. Just curious as to whether people are interested in them. I think basically any of these 74's 73' 70's use the same wheel openings?
Anyhow, let me know. I'm going to let this run for a week and see what kind of response I get.
A couple of pics to show style and how much they stick out. I'm running 285/75R17's on 9" rim.
so basically a 11" wide tire. If people think it should be wider? I personally don't think wider is better.
The bottom pic is a set of 33/12.5R15's on a 10" rim

I got an email back from the only person/company I could think if who can build these commercially,
and it's not very feasible. In essence, would need to think in terms of 80 + sets. So for now it is an
idea on hold.
So people reading this, if you know where or who sells these flares, which I think is Australia??
Please post it up here. Thanks, J
You can order them from Toyota OEM parts .
they are made in finer glass , only problem is that they are VERY expensive , at least here in Europe .
I have found only cheap light plastic options around , that after some use look really ugly .
If you find a valid alternative ,I would be interested .

bye Renago
These are not OEM. The OEM flares are very expensive, but also require a bunch of holes etc
and brackets. There are 22 holes to attach the OEM flares.
The flares on my truck are a light single piece fiberglass that are attached with 5-6 screws through
the wheel well lip. They fil well and cover the tires.
22 holes? I guess they won't rip off in the brush then.
Depends on the brush. On Vancouver Island, we have an expression 'Vancouver Island Pinstriping',
isn't necessarily just scratched paint. A person doesn't even see it, like I didn't on my FJ40. It cost me
a door and I didn't even know the door was being pushed in, until the side window exploded.
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Note, you can order the rear flares for the troopys with or without the fuel door notch as not all troopys have the aux rear tank. I guess that would also go for the cab chassis with the factory tub.

It would be good if one of the US cruiser parts dealers could stock these items and pass on the savings in shipping.

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