BJ73 Tyre Pressure

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Dec 3, 2017
New Zealand
Who is out there with 31x10.5 15R on a 70 series. Just put some BFG KO2 tyres on and am wondering what pressure to run them at? There doesn't seem to be a lot of info out there on tyre pressures. Place that fitted them said to run them at 40psi, but that seemed a bit high to me.
I generally run mid 30's on the highway, and sometimes low 30's when it is snowy.
toyota owners handbook has a list at the end with different tyre size, truck model and psi.
a hjz will have different pressure then lj

on my lj73 I can run on bfg ko 2 31s down to 1.8 bar front. and 2 bar rear.
ran it with 2.2/2.4 for long highway run, but its very jumpy in town .
I would put 35psi in them and work up or down to suit yourself. If your suspension is a bit stiff on the speed bumps,drop them a few psi.
I have 31 x 10.5 R15's and i also run low 30's all round for normal daily driving, i find it gives the best medium between comfort and economy.
Depending if you are loaded or not .
And what kind of surface you running .
I put
2,4 bar front
3 bar rear
The truck is approx 3000 kg
Official tyre pressure recommendations are hard to come by for 31s. Mostly just worried about the tyres wearing unevenly. Have started them off at 36 and will see how they go from there.
Cheers for all the replies.
G'Day Fella's,

I run my 31-10.5 x 15" tyres, at 30 (gravel road-rear) to 35 psi (town/Hwy-rear).
The BJ73 handles better/safer, with these pressures.

Hope that helps

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