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Jul 7, 2016
Dublin, ga
I really want to get Toyo open country mt's 35x12.50 on rims that are 22x12 and I have a 2 1/2 to 3 inch suspension lift on my lc. I have been told that getting the new wheels I want could cause scrubbing even with offset of -44 and also if I were to get spacers. Is this true?

I'm not sure about rubbing but the outer edge of the rim will be over 6 inches further out than oe, without spacers! The edge of the tire will be over 7 inches further out than oe. Are you trying to run it open wheel? lol - Good looking lc already btw. Nice job! Also the 22's will have over an inch less sidewall on a 35 than a 33 on 18's fyi. Should look crazy though. I'm running 33 1/2's on 18's with no rubbing and no lift. But it is VERY close! I wouldn't think that your setup would rub but I would seriously reconsider the offset. Also, the only reason I could ever think someone would use a spacer on a lc/lx is if they wanted to keep the oe wheels and go to a much wider tire. The +60 offset on oe is really tucked. No matter what you do I'm looking forward to the pictures!!!! Welcome btw!
I get that one should 'mod their truck to their own taste, but this one seems to be going in two directions - lift, matte paint/dip, blacked out bumpers and badges, running board delete, ATs... then dubs? Give this one a lot of thought.
I'm really just trying to get bigger wheels without haveing any problems and I'm not sure what I would have to do to prevent scrubbing. Sorry I'm just now getting into learning about this stuff.
@Jb gay, do some searching via Google Image - there lots (!) of 100s on 22s... make sure this is the look you're after. 4-6" larger than stock will make a pretty noticeable difference in the ride as well as the look
I don't think the wheels will be the problem, but the 35 x12.5 will be, suspension lift or not. I thought 35's we entered body lift territory?
You keep saying "wheels", but do you mean that you're after bigger "tires"... meaning the overall diameter of the wheel/tire combo? If that's the case, you can just buy bigger tires that fit your existing wheels. Or are you really after huge, low-profile rims?

Regardless... the size tires you can fit on a 100-series has nothing to do with the amount of lift. This is because of the IFS front suspension. "Lifting" the front of the truck doesn't actually change the geometry of the suspension (the wheels still travel on the same arc) it just "starts" on a different place along that arc. All of this means that if something rubs at full compression without a lift, it will still rub a full compression with a lift. The bottom line is that a 33-ish" tire (regardless of the wheel size) is really all that's going to fit on a 100 series without a body lift.

Also, FWIW, looking at that pictures, I'm willing to bet that you've got ride quality issues, possible CV leakage issues, and probably torque steer with the front end that high. A 100-series cannot be set up level with a 2.5 - 3" lift. If you crank the front end up as far as you appear to have, you won't have the recommended 50-70mm of wheel droop.
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So you've decided you like the look of 35"x12.5" tires on 22" wheels"...
Toyo MT 35x12.5R20 $406.99 each 4+spare = $2034.95
22" 5on150 wheels $400-700 each 4+spare =$2000-3500​

"Boy that spare would be nice to have with me, but it takes up too much space in the back, and it's probably not real safe having it bouncing around back there":
Rear Bumper with tire carrier for spare ~$2000-2500
"Why do I keep getting speeding tickets:"
Speedo correction ~$100
"Why does it keep eating CV joints":
Diff drop $245​

"Oh crap, they rub":
Body Lift ~$150
Wheel spacers ~$284
Bump stops $430
(A little hammering here, a little trimming there)​

"Why does it ride & handle like crap":
UCAs ~$700
Icon shocks ~$1000-2600​

"Where'd my acceleration go?"/"I blew my front diff":
Re-gear kit $1247.00
F & R Lockers ~$2600-$3000​

(No labor, shipping or taxes included anywhere above)

Or the alternative, install some ~33" 285/75R16 or 275/70R18 tires on the existing wheels for around $200 each (~$1000)

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