Bigger 80 series brakes

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Oct 28, 2002
Western Massachusetts
I run many FZJ80 series parts on my 4-Runner, including the 12" brake system, and it works beutifully on the lighter rig. Many of you seem to be having issues with them in the application for which they were designed. If there is interest, I'd be willing to look into a 'BIG brake' upgrade for the FZJ80. The stock calipers could probably be retained, and if they'll fit into the 16" wheel, a 13" rotor would probably fit the bill quite well. Not looking for profit here.... not really sure how far I'll even go due to the lawsuit factor... brakes are serious stuff.
The caliper will be moved out to fit the new rotor via bracket, it will have a bit more leverage on the rotor. The rotor can also be of more efficient design due to internal vanes. More mass and surface area to accept and then remove the heat are the real key.

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