BFG vs. Michelin

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Feb 26, 2008
San Francisco
Thanks to everyone on this forum for the help they've been providing me, a relative newbie and recent 100 purchaser. Another quick question:

I need new tires on a stock 100 with 18'' wheels. There really aren't a ton of options at the size I think will work well: 286/65R18.

The choices are BFG AT T/A KOs or Michelin LTX A/T 2s. I supppose the Michelins are better on the road and BFGs are better on other surfaces. I'll be driving primarily on the road but will also be going on somewhat rough fireroads up in the Tahoe area.

I've searched the forums for views on the tires, but haven't found anything all that definitive. I assume I can't go wrong with either choice. Any strong views on either tire? Thanks again for the help/opinions.
You have more options than that. You should look at Bridgestone Revo's. They are great on road and pretty tough off road. I like the ride much better than the LTX A/T''s. I never used the BFG.
If you're mostly staying on the road and want that smooth on the road feel, then I would suggest the Michelins.

The ATs are great tires, but are noisier.
BFG AT's are 3-ply while all the Bridgestones are 2-ply. Ask Dinibli. He was towing a trailer across the Australian desert w/ 2 spare and got two flats on one segment running Bridgestone AT's...replaced all tires w/ BFG AT's (tire shop told him about the #plys). Or go w/ mud tires, even more plys. If you're driving on dirt NF roads, pretty much any AT or 4-season tire will do.
I put Michelin LTX A/Ts on my 97 F150 and was extremely pleased with their ride, durability, and performance on icy roads. Have not tried the BFG, but would consider them better for off roading.
Not to sidetrack things too much, but checkout the Nitto Terra Grappler. They make the size you're after, are reasonably priced and do well both on and off road.

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