Bezel patina

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Aug 6, 2007
love this look,who knows maybe in ten years superficial rust will be the rave and fancy 10,000 paint jobs will be a thing of the past
Brilliant! Is that a Stude badge in the grille?
Spary it with vinegar and it will "patina" quickly and evenly (as evenly as you spray it). Then shoot clear on it after you have obtained your preferred "look". The clear will stop the rust and hold it in stasis. BTW you should use flat or satin clear coat. It doesn't look as good with high gloss rust!

I like the grill badge.
Most dont know there was a stude land cruiser!! Very surprising a bloke from oz points it out!! Cheers danno!!
When I do my more door hard top troopy w/early front sheet metal [aka whitey style], door ribs from an LV, 80 coils on HZJ75 axles, LS2/6L80E/split case, 80 steer, vintage air x 2, two tone paint job a la that green and yellow LV in FLA. and stainless and timber roof rack I will be running these badges cause they're just so dang cool. Stude Cruiser badges for life!
Yes a stude badge ,I have another that will go on the 40. I like the vinegar idea,as a am impatient as hell.

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