Betrayal!! Hidden rust hole in my frame. Need advice.

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Mar 19, 2006
Fort Collins, CO
After spending hours today washing, vacuuming, greasing, etc., both my 85 FJ60 and my 4Runner, I was poking my fingers in the inspection holes on my 60 frame, right in the bend by the front spring hanger. Found some pretty good metal pieces on the PS, so checked out the DS. A #%^& hole! Never saw it before, because it's right next to the muffler, on the outside of the frame.

It's about dime-sized right now, but I can tell there is more delamination going on around it from the inside.

Just got my OME setup on, finally got my stock wheels powdercoated black, put on 5 new Toyo MTs in 33.10.50, alignment, the works. So I got it on the trails this weekend, and flexed the new suspension pretty good. Apparently also flexed the frame good enough to break off small sheets of metal inside the frame right by the forward rear spring hangers.

Crap. Crap crap crap. I've probably got $25k in this thing. H55F, rebuilt transfer case, all new steering gear, PS pump, alt, water pump, fan clutch, all the suspension and tires, all the labor for stuff I could have done myself just didn't know how yet.

Right now I'm fantasizing about unloading it and picking up a late model Tacoma. I've about had enough. But I love this thing.

Anyway, on to the tech part. What are my options? Can the frame be plated in that location, or will that just crack when I flex it? How much does really doing it right cost (new frame, cleaned/painted/maybe even galvanized), swapped in under my body, and no I can't do this at home.

What about cutting the frame before the bend and welding in the rear section from a solid rust free frame?

All opinions welcome. Including, cut your losses and let it go. As well as, shut up and drive it and worry about it when the frame cracks on the trail.
Drive it till it dies and then swap the frame
Post up some pics of the rust
X2. Pics.
Weld a 12 inch long metal plate over the top of it ,por-15 it and forget about it. 2 cents mike
pics help, but if you've got one hole, there are probably a few more just lurking to show themselves.
Thanks for the replies.

Yeah, lurking holes are what I'm worried about. From what I can tell from pretty close inspection, though, the only areas that are delaminating on the inside are right in front of the forward spring hangers. I hate that bend. Impossible to keep mud and water from collecting there. The outside looks fine, except for the one hole.

I like the idea of plating it. Maybe do both sides of the rail on both sides of the truck.

Pics to come later this afternoon.

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