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Jun 18, 2016
Ocala, Fl
I have a pair of Baja Design Squadron Pro driving lights, a pair of Sq Pro cornering lights and a Baja Xl spotlight.

I have been given 2 different opinions by folks at Baja.

1. Place the cornering on the bumper and driving lights on A pillar alongside windshield.

2. Place cornering lights on A pillar and driving on bumper.

They both say spot on bumper.

I called my local 4x4 shop and Frank says all the lights on the bumper.

It seems to me cornering should be low on bumper to illuminate sides and just in front, correct?

The driving lights I don't know. Up on A pillar better"throw" to supplement LED headlights but concerned about glare off hood (vehicle color silver if that matters)

Also i thought spot on A pillar not down low.

So as you can see several opinions and 2 totally different opinions from the experts at Baja Designs

Any help is appreciated.

Lastly what do you do for security? Weld on nut or just take off lights if not wheeling?

i doubt locktite would stop a determined scumbag
I mount the driving spreadbeam lights outboard. The spots are mounted together inboard but the right side has a bit of elevation
to catch the higher ditches farther along the road. Cause up north, moose are big and you want to see them first.
An old rally idea was to cross the spots so you create a bright spot in the middle of the road far ahead.

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