Best Camp sites in Black Hills or Bighorn National Forrest?

Dec 29, 2014
I’ll be camping my way west with the wife, my expo outfitted 100 series and trailer.

What are the best spots for unsupported camping in the BH National Forrest......?

Photos and lat lon is super but anything that will separate the chaffe from the good stuff is a big help.

We’ll be in the Black Hills as early as this Monday (Labor Day) and Or Tuesday. Remote is good since we have water for days and can work out the rest. I’m not looking to wheel trails to get to a spot, since it scares the wife and we are rolling solo. Dirt roads and some mud should be no issues.

Here is the rig at the Coalminer Classic expo run sponsored by gotham city land cruisers. Jason did a podcast on Toyota trucks and trails about the trip in July. Come east, anytime for a bit of a change.

PM me if it should be stay a secret spot. Thanks for the tips.

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