Benz 300 D

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United States
1984 300D Benz with a greasecar kit in it to run WVO. Untold miles - probably 200K, the odo quit working years ago.

Pretty nice stereo. 4K on tires.

Just stuck a new vac pump on.

No AC.

Very clean inside, seats and carpet are nearly perfect.

Paint fading, but no rust. A few dings, but no dents.

3 years and 30K + on grease kit. JesterB sold it to me, he installed the kit.

Can't deliver, but will try to meet you somewhere.


I'm not on mud all that much, so give me a call if you are interested in the car. Search online if you you are curious about running grease.

Wanting a 7.3 Ford. Extra cab a must. No 4D, long. No hips. Gotta have 2 tanks.
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Just drove the Benz from Jackson, MS to Shreveport, LA (220 miles) for $1.50.
so, do you have two tanks on it so you can run diesel in a pinch?
yeah, I was wondering if this was a single of dual tank system too. whose kit is it, or did you put it together yourself?

and as far as the AC, I assume it has AC, but does not work? I did not think these came without AC
its probally something like THIS....

which would alo mean yes it probally has the stock tank for diesel and the other for grease
Yes, the car came with AC. Needs a compressor.

I'm in Shreveport, LA if one of you Texas folks wants to come get it. I can catch a ride home.

Includes barrel and pump for gravity filtration system.

Includes almost a whole case of on board filters. ($100)

Includes most of a case of bag filters.

Includes a full set of factory manuals. ($300+ on ebay)

All you need is a source for grease and you ride for free.

Come get it.
Yes it does have two tanks. I installed the system and owned the car for about two years. A lot of grease benz for the money.
can you verify that? does it have the dual tanks?

It does have 2 tanks. Check out the greasecar website, it explains how the system works very clearly.

About 40K on grease since Jes installed it.

3500.00 for the car.
Assume diesel was $3.50/gal.

Car pays for itself in 1000 gallons of fuel savings.

Thats about 20,000 miles in this car. That's a little more than a year for most folks.
if I was only employed, I'd be all over this.

Lame. What do you spend in fuel each month? $200? Buy it and take a job that pays $2400 less/year. Makes job hunting that much easier. :idea:
Where were you getting grease in Jackson? I would love a grease car but I don't have time to be grease hunting.

Not on mud that much.... Ha!
drop one of your unproductive hobbies and pic up this one.
I like your thinking. Hmmm which one to drop. The only one that has been unproductive lately is working on the cruiser. And dropping that is out of the question. Still no answer though. Where did you get grease jessterb?
Roosters, friends fish, friends turkey fries.

You can't have my grease sources.
Anyone seen the price of fuel lately?

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