Benefits to Non-US members

Jul 10, 2012
Canary Islands (Spain)
Hi, can someone outline the benefits of membership to those of us outside the USA?

For instance are there any non-US vendors who offer discounts, or non-US insurers, Toyota dealers etc that offer benefits?

I can see that international membership is almost double the cost of US membership but am guessing the benefits offered are substantially less, perhaps this can be addressed. Suggestion would be to exclude the printed version of the mag to save postage costs and offer the international membership at a discount to kickstart membership numbers overseas? Once there is a critical mass of international members maybe the benefits offered will ramp up.

EDIT - just noticed there is a $25 option minus the printed mag. Still would like to know what the benefits are. I'd be interested in starting a chapter with some friends but would need to be confident that there are some incentives for attracting further members in return for their membership fee.
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