For Sale Bend, OR. US SPEC FJ60 Emissions Parts

Aug 12, 2019
Hi All,
I have emissions equipment from a us spec 85 FJ60 for sale. I desmogged the truck a little over a year ago but held on to the parts just in case. Lising them up now to de clutter a bit. Hoping this helps a cruiser owner stuck in a smog restricted area. I have pictures of all components as well. PM if interested. Buyer pays shipping

Air injection pump (was rebuilt ~3yrs ago)… $150
Vacuum manifold metal spaghetti… $75
EGR cooler… $75
EGR cooler J pipe…$30
EGR cooler to EGR valve corrugated pipe… $30
EGR valve with fittings… $75
ACV, ABV and ASV… $100

*Air injection rail with head fittings (damaged during removal)… $25

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