May 30, 2002
It is time for me to buy a new battery and I was wondering what kind to get. I have heard about the Optima batteries and when we got the landcruiser the PO had a Marine battery in it. I don't know much in this area so I was wondering what was best. It is not real modified right now, winch, offroad lights however i have more plans in the future. So what is the difference/opinion of yall on the pros/cons of the different batteries. Thanks guys


Dec 13, 2002
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I like the Optima. High CCA and resistant to vibration. They have them right around $100 at costco and a little more at Pep boys. The Exide spiral cell is the same thing and they make Napa batteries.
Jan 3, 2003
I got two interstate. I like 'em so far, no problems. But what I like is that if I do have any problems they are replaceable warrentee wise anywhere(pretty much)That's important to me. As for the marine battery they are to my knowledge all deep cell and good as a secondary power source but not as a primary. I think it has to do with the cold cranking amps CCT but I am not sure. One thing that I did find out when I was buying my battery which was quite interesting is how CCT are calculated. Interstate rates their batteries CCT's tested at
-15 celcius(probably 0 ferenheit) alot of others test theirs at basically room temp. and thereby get a higher rating. Its good to know here in Canada as it can get cold sometimes. Its kinda a cheat system like rating peak amps in motors and watts versus rms in stereo equipment. Might be a good question to ask when purchasing. Hope it helps a bit. Later.


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