ball joints

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Oct 31, 2008
Terrace, BC
Hey Dudes,

so due to buying a a small farm my dream of sas'ing the truck are put on hold.

gonna change out cv axels and front wheel bearings on a 89 extra cab 22re...then got thinking i might as well swap out the tie rod ends and i know i have 1 s****y lower ball joint. then i thought i might as well do that too, then i thoght i have no idea how to do those so then i thought you guys would know:)I just did the idler arm around a month ago. any advice on how to change the ball joints smoothly? Was gonna go with Napa stuff as my company gets 30% off any experience with these? as always thanks for the help I owe quite a few of you guys some beers.

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I used the pitman arm remover to get the lowers out and the pickle fork to get the uppers out. Or it was the other way round.

I got Toyota replacement BJ's from Dan at $50 each. Local stealer wanted almost $200 each. F'n thieves I tell you.
Unless you drive a round with the hubs locked, or are in 4WD A LOT those CV axles are in way better shape than you think...

I'd MAYBE reboot and repack them, but unless you do as above they prolly have 5-10,000 miles on them...

IF that.

No way I'd spend money for who knows quality re-manned parts... If they aren't AISIN I don't want them on my truck anyhow...
If for whatever reason you do go with with reman parts, make sure the ball joint base has the same contours as the original ball joint. Nowadays there are some very cheaply made ball joints out there and one of the ways you can spot them is that base will have a boxy trapezoidal shape instead of the round trapezoidal shape of the original.

Or just go Aisan and call it a day. Good ball joints are worth the dough.


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