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Oct 17, 2011
New Jersey
Just for us... would you guys be interested, I can do this once in a blue moon, its 30% off will be our price off of their site.. Let me know if you guys are interested..

keep in mind he will only do this for me once in a blue moon..
I am interested. How are you liking those lapaz hid's?

as far as light out-put, its great.. the amber/yellow cover or any covers that they have sucks.. traps moisture in. caused the ring to rust... but no worries, they warrantied it.. other than that, its been great..

you tell them how you want your light pattern and they will get it done.. my Lapaz I can turn it on in regular roads and not bother MOST drivers and till get great range from it...
flood, cornering, driving, high-speed, pencil beam.. etc..
Hmmm...tempting. I might be in for a pair of the 6" Pre-Runner HID's.
That looks like a pretty good deal. Looking through their site now, sure I'll find something I "need"! :idea:
Cool offer, I'm in the market for a 20"LED bar, but still a little too rich for my blood.
Next step to place an order???
lets start in feb so everyone gets to see this.. so decide since they have to make your order.. I want to have it before the next outing so I can just bring it with me...
I will be ordering on the 5th, so decide what you want by that date and let me know..
PM sent...
for those who wants to pay with paypal, unfortunately i need to add 3% since they charge 3% for processing fee..

i want to put the order this coming week..
shipping came out to $69. so 20 additional and ill pay for the 30 since mine is long..

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