Automatic high beam question

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Nov 29, 2019
Los Angeles
It’s a silly feature that I don’t use much but I’m wondering why mine isn’t working well.

Lifted my car and learned about the leveling headlight arm that is attached to the upper trailing arm. Headlights were pointed too high.

Made my own extended sensor arm and adjusted my headlight to something more normal.

But the auto headlight feature is all wonky. Turns on sometimes with a car right in front and sometimes with cars head on. Same with turning on sporadically when on a dark windy road. I’ve been leaving the feature on more often now that I noticed the problem and want to sort it out.

Can’t seem to find the sensor for the lights. I tried the small sensor on the front of the rear view mirror. Tried the forward camera on the top of the windshield. Tried the front facing camera. Tried the ambient light sensor.

Anyone know what the issue is?

Maybe my adjustment is still bad?

Also on an Aussie video about 200 headlights his rig’s light go thru an aiming calibration dance when he turns his car on. I’ve never seen my 2017 200 do that.
When you say you tried the camera at the top of the windshield.. what did you do to it?
Covered it to simulate dark but wouldn’t trigger the high beams. I figured that’s is how it works. Am I doing something wrong.
I'm assuming it would look for things illuminated by your own headlights like road lines and such. The logic involved for auto high beams to distinguish between oncoming cars and other light sources probably needs something like a camera to get enough good information to make those decisions..

Might be worth digging into the FSM to see if there is something to test the auto high beam system.

Also if the front/rear "attitude" of your vehicle changed with the lift it might be time to get the cameras calibrated. Doing this specifies visual targets at measured heights above the ground.. so your cameras may be looking for headlights in the wrong part of their field of vision. (This is speculation, by the way. Just making guesses as to how this system works given the hardware available to it.)
True. I did see something about recalibrating when I was looking about working on my wife’s Honda.

Makes sense. Maybe that’s the ticket.
I know there was a thread where someone explored retrofitting the auto high beam function. I think in that it was deduced that the sensor was in the rear view mirror. Have you checked the FSM for any system tests?

that thread was in reference to a 13-15 LX, so maybe apples and oranges.
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Covered it to simulate dark but wouldn’t trigger the high beams. I figured that’s is how it works. Am I doing something wrong.
The “button” on the dash turns on the lights on mine. Covering it simulates night. No high beams on auto below 30 mph or so.

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