SOLD Austin TX: OEM Toyota 5-bolt, 5-spoke silver wheels & tires (set of 5)

Mar 30, 2015
These 5-bolt, 5-spoke silver Toyota OEM wheels and center caps are from a 2011 model year, 200-series LandCruiser. Tires are Pathfinder Sport S-AT and they were manufactured in 2016. They have approximately 10k miles on the rubber. Attaching photos of the 4 that are installed, but I also have the spare/5th wheel and tire. I'd prefer local pickup, but I'd consider shipping. Price $600.

FYI - Getting these across the country via Fastenal's store-to-store third-party logistics freight shipping would probably be $100-200.

Photos - 5 of 5.png

Photos - 4 of 5.png

Photos - 3 of 5.png

Photos - 2 of 5.png

Photos - 1 of 5.png
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