1. B

    For Sale  Modesto, CA - 87' Toyota Landcruiser FJ60

    87' FJ60 - Amazing Truck. As much as I hate to part with this rig, it's time someone who can really enjoy it should have it. I'm only the second owner and this truck has not seen much dirt at all. It's super clean. Newly rebuilt motor dropped in 2018 (less than 500 miles) Con-Ferr Rack Just...
  2. B

    Help - Hj61 24v stereo/radio wiring diagram

    Hi guys. I am after a wiring diagram for a factory 24v stereo like the one in the photos below if anyone can help please? Have attached some other pics with what I am working with. Cheers Ben.
  3. Brutus96

    96’ LX 450

    Got one I need to get rid of. Electrical issues and no time to deal with it. Used as a trail truck so all exterior parts are of no value. What is a good asking value for someone to take it off my hands?
  4. masonhayman1017

    Atrac turned on on dry pavement? HELP!

    I was driving to lunch from work today and I stopped at a stop sign and when I started to take off the active track light lit up in green on my dash and I felt the passenger side wheel lock up. I limped it into a pull off as the light intermittently came on and off along the way. It shut off...
  5. N

    For Sale  1982 Toyota Pickup Rock crawler

    1982 Toyota 4x4 Pickup Rock Crawler. Fully built custom rock crawler. Licensed & street legal. Won "Best in Show - People's Choice" and "Best in Show - 4x4" at Cal4Wheel Convention in Sacramento. Walks through the Rubicon and Fordyce without breaking a sweat. One of the cleanest and...
  6. kirkagosto

    SOLD  Spare Rock Warrior Wheels. Land Cruiser, LX570, Tundra, or Sequoia

    3 good rock warrior wheels. Fit Tundra, Land Cruiser, Sequoia, LX570. I am selling all three for $800, or $275 each. Now is your chance if you have these and need a spare but don’t want to purchase a whole set. Wheels are in good condition. No deep gouges or cracks or anything other than...
  7. G

    Prospeed Roof Rack Easter Sale $100 off CODE UZJ100

    As the title stated, Use code UZJ100 for $100 off of Prospeed Rack. I'm not affiliated with Prospeed, just wanted to spread the discount. Cost should work until the end of next week.
  8. coffelt6

    fj40 gas tank in an FJ55?

    I have a destroyed fuel tank from my fj55 which is basically impossible to replace. So my solution to replacing the fuel tank while retaining the stock emissions system is to swap an fj40 fuel tank in the back with custom mounts and an fj40 fuel separator as they have three nipples on the bottom...
  9. K

    Cv Axles problems

    Hey everyone, hopefully I can get some answers here or some advice. So I have a 98 Land cruiser: Dobinsons 2.5 long travel shocks Dobinsons heavy duty torsion bars Dobinsons UCAs Dobinsons springs 35’s on KO2s I’m on my 5th set of cv axles. I don’t know what else to do or how to fix the...
  10. KwaTeebs

    FJ62 (1987) rebuild, and 1HZ diesel swap

    I accidentally bought myself a LandCruiser. Well we bought it for my work as a tow vehicle... I paid half and my business partner paid half. The business never had the cash to buy it off me, so I took it over and now I have a vehicle to fix up. Its a 1987 FJ62, with a 3F petrol engine. She has...
  11. KZJ78Rig

    For Sale  Tampa, FL RHD 1995 Land Cruiser Prado KZJ78

    Selling my RHD 1995 Land Cruiser Prado EX (KZJ78) 3L 4 cylinder Turbo Diesel A/T. I'm asking $26,500 OBO -Chassis has 271k = 168,466 miles on her (she is my daily so this number will continue to increase as I drive 50 miles per day). -Brand new head/kit purchased from Mr Cylinder Head out of...
  12. L

    Fj73 3f carby not running right

    Hi I have a 1985 fj73 landcrusier which up until now has been running fine. Went down the highway and exited and pulled up to a set of lights and noticed straight 6 was idling like a lumpy v8 with a bit of smoke coming out the back but one i make it to 2nd gear its fine. Anyone have a clue what...
  13. twith70

    For Sale  Gastonia, NC: 1982 FJ40 for sale: $42,500

    I am looking to sell my 1982 FJ40. It is a US model, one of only 3,088 brought in that year. I am the third owner, with the original owner having it for 35 years. Here is a list of original and new parts: Original engine, has around 150,000 miles. Odometer works sometimes. Original head liner...
  14. 40FOX

    40 Channel GIVEAWAY!

    Hi guys I am doing a give away on Channel and my Instagram , but time is running out!
  15. T

    Can’t figure out why my 3F won’t run!

    Okay guys I have a 3F petrol in a fj73 landcruiser and I haven’t been able to figure out the issue. It just won’t run and coughs and spurts as soon as you use the accelerator. It’s had new leads, new plugs, new carbi, new dizzi, new coil. And just can’t seem to figure it out. All the local...
  16. D

    1993 80 Series sell value?

    Hi all, I am looking to sell my 1993 80 series Land Cruiser. It has the 4.5 liter, no rust at all, no damage, clean title, 270k miles. Minor problems are cracked leather seats, AC doesn’t work, sunroof doesn’t slide. Other than that it’s in great shape and runs well. I’m curious what you all...
  17. FJ40 that green thing

    Trade  Wyoming 1982 Toyota FJ45 LWB Pickup LHD

    I have lovingly restored this Land Cruiser over the last 2-3 years as a lifelong fan of the 40 series, this is one of a few that I have restored/owned just as a hobby and appreciator of vintage 4x4's. I am kind of open to the idea of trading it for something else equally or more awesome. I'm...
  18. 1L2A2280.JPG


    Original FJ25 series No.1400 fully restored. 1 of the original 12 Sir Leslie Thiess imported into Australia in Late 1950's. Some images of this car have appeared on this forum. A full walk around and history of this vehicle will be released soon and video footage of it driving. I'll share a link...
  19. jkdur728

    Parting Out  Virginia/ Washington DC 2 1988 fj62 Land Cruisers Part Out

    I have a 2 fj62s that im parting out. One is mostly dismantled and im willing to see the roller pictured. (Have a trans/case Motor etc) The other truck is very complete at this time. There is a link to my YouTube channel when I picked it up so you can see whats available via video if thats...
  20. L

    SOLD  Denver, CO: 2000 Land Cruiser $9K

    This Cruiser is well loved. I am the second owner and have owned it since 2014 (before that, my grandfather was the owner so, the history is known). I am selling this car because I recently finished grad school and am hoping to purchase something a little newer. Selling this car for $9K/OBO. I...
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