1. S

    SOLD Utah: 5x Trail Ready Beadlocks

    Selling 5x Trail Ready 17x8.5 4.5BS 6 lug beadlocks. $1800. Located in Cedar City UT, and can get them between Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. Tires not included, but are also for sale. Will entertain trades for 8 lug beadlocks/40s/42s/etc.
  2. Asanka

    For Sale Wheel hub caps 4 LC 16" , $80 shipped to lower 50

    Moved to tire-wheel section - For Sale - Wheel hub caps 4 LC 16" , $80 shipped to lower 50
  3. masperk

    Wanted OEM FJ60 Steel Wheels

    Looking to purchase some oem 81-87 fj60 wheels. Looking for 5, but 4 will suffice. Interested in other 15" wheels if OEM style. Thanks
  4. D

    For Sale 5- Fj60 wheels 31x10.5 KOs

    Selling the wheels off my 60. 4 of them are wrapped in 31x10.5x15s BFG KOs and the other is the factory spare I believe. All pretty good shape. Asking $650 for all of them as they sit. I want to try and sell them all together before I bust the tires off and sell separately. Located in...
  5. MScruiser

    Vendor 80 Series Late Model Leather Steering Wheel Kits in Tan or Grey

    I am selling leather steering wheel kits to recover your old, discolored, and worn out leather. These kits ARE NOT simply wraps that cover up the old leather; they completely replace the old. They are made here in Mississippi, from Italian leather. The leather is smooth, and supple. The kits...
  6. T

    New Wheel Help

    Hi guys, I just picked up a set of American Racing Baja wheels and tires for my 05 Gx. They came off of a Nissan Xterra, which has the same bolt pattern as my Gx (6X139.7). However, I believe that the threads on the wheel lugs are different between the two cars, and that I will need to get 24...
  7. tschuszl

    craigslist American Racing AR172 Baja (Polished)

    1 American Racing Wheel for sale, located in Portland OR (Pickup only). Link to craigslist post below, American Racing AR172 Baja (Polished)
  8. anothernord

    For Sale CO: inner fender/ wheel well set FZJ80

    Pulled from a green 93 (12/1992) FZJ80, but should fit onto trucks up to 1997. In good condition with on bit of rust on the passenger side. Mostly need just need a bit of cleaning. Located in Fort Collins $50 for the pair. Thanks for looking! Rust:
  9. Markuson

    SOLD Rock Warrior Set of 4

    I have a very nice set of Rock Warriors for sale. I run Rock Warriors on my own beast, and came into possession of these recently. Even though this set is in far better shape than my own...other mods are needed so this sale will go to my mod fund. :) Not the greatest photo. Oh! I also have a...
  10. SIPAEZ

    Wanted Looking for 4 steel 16" wheels for a Tacoma 2004

    Anyone out there looking to sell their spare wheels? I'm looking to get all 4, I really like that old school look!
  11. sunrk

    Fitting a full rear bar (with wheel carriers) to 80 series

    I currently have an Opposite Lock (Australian made by Outback Accessories) RHS wheel carrier fitted to my barn-door 80 series. It's been great, but my 80 has no rear chassis/body protection so I'm going to look at getting a full rear bar and dual wheel carrier. I'm presuming that the rear...
  12. RFB


    SOLD I have a set(4) of Spidertrax spacers new in boxes I got from Slee, these are for an 80.lx450 they wont work wth the rims Im running so instead of sending them back to Slee Im selling them here they were 226. with shipping Im giving them away for 170.00 ship ping inc to lower 48 states.
  13. sunrk

    Do you cover your spare wheel(s) or not if on a rear carrier ?

    If you have a rear wheel carrier that holds spares behind the rear barn doors or tailgate, do you cover your spare(s) or just leave them uncovered? Given that the spare(s) are going to be getting bulk sun-time and never rotate on the spare wheel carrier(s), what's the likelihood that spare(s)...
  14. ProBoy

    TRD 17' Rock warrior forged wheels

    Hello Friends, I have being trying to make a purchase on the TRD rock warrior wheels for my 2018 LC200, does anyone knows a good vendor or store sells it? Thank you
  15. B

    Clearance of Brake Caliper to Wheel

    Hi Everyone, I've got a '91 73 series and am trying to go from a 16" wheel to a 15" and put some larger tires on. I have identified a wheel with a sufficient offset to accommodate the wider wheel and larger tire while preventing the combo from hitting anything. However, as the photo (kind of)...
  16. bubfuji

    SOLD 1.5" 6x5.5 Wheel spacers 6160 Aluminmum

    I have 2 1.5" wheel spacers (Briefly used). $30.00 + whatever shipping costs
  17. B

    M101 5 bolt wheel and axel

    Want to replace the M101 5 bolt wheel (900 - 16LT Tire) with a non split wheel, I understabd there are some inventory somewhere, maybe. Question: Where can i find another wheel, preferable non split replacement wheel? I have heard that thare is a 10 bolt wheel that is a budd wheel that will...
  18. OregonB

    Wanted WANTED: 1 wheel (hub) cover for LX470 2005

    I ordered a "replacement" from someone on the East Coast, but it was thinner and didn't fit correctly. Looking for an original (yeah, I un-badge them and repaint). Any leads welcome. Thanks.
  19. DJCloz

    For Sale 16'' OEM 100 series Wheels Socal - 4QTY $400

    Up for sale I have a set of 16'' 100 series Alloy Landcruiser wheels in perfect condition with all center caps. no scratches or damage of any kind. Text Carlos 562-760-0878 Landcruiser 5x150 lug pattern. Located in Long Beach Ca $400 takes them.
  20. O

    For Sale 5-2017 Land Cruiser 18" Wheels $500 OBO

    Set of 5 2017 Land Cruiser wheels. These were removed from my Land Cruiser at 5,000 miles and replaced with Rock Warriors. Willing to ship if buyer wants to pay shipping. Excellent condition. They were never taken offroad. Lug nuts included. $500 OBO Craigslist ad with pictures: 2017 Toyota...
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