1. N

    For Sale  Middle TN, Wheels and Snow Tires for 1998-2007 LX 470

    Just bought a '98 LX 470 and it came with snow tires and factory 16" wheels. Tires are 265/75-R16 Cooper Discoverer M+S. Two are new with almost 100% of treat, the other two look like they have 50% of tread left. Some oxidation/corrosion on the barrels of the wheels, face of wheels range from...
  2. S

    SOLD  Baton Rouge, LA - 1996 LX450 factory wheels

    looking to sell a set of freshly refurbished 1996 LX450 factory wheels (no center caps). $500+shipping. I am in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and will meet for an exchange in Baton Rouge.
  3. W

    For Sale  IA: 4 Oversized tires on OEM Landcruier Wheels $300 OBO

    Came on the vehicle when I bought it from the dealership. Still have Toyota TPMS installed. Have since upgraded to the newer generation models. Tires are 295/70/18 300 OBO
  4. mccaleb77

    ISO stock 60 rims

    I have two, looking for two more. Located in Salt Lake City. Prefer local. Mike 8016472831
  5. charlieblues

    Tacoma Wheels good subs for '92 80?

    Found these wheels, 15" Toyota Tacoma OEM wheels and tires, listed online and wondering if they should fit my LC? At the moment the wheels are mismatched and I am looking to get a matching set. $600 for the set I think it's a good idea but maybe I'm missing something.... 🤔
  6. B

    Trade  Williamsburg, VA: Wheel trade; tires available.

    My 1982 BJ40 came with four “wagon wheel” 15” steel rims and one “split rim” steel rim on the spare tire holder. I am looking for a fifth “wagon wheel” for my spare. Does anyone have one they would like to sell or trade for my split rim wheel? Also, I have four Maxxis Buckshot Mud tires (31” X...
  7. S

    For Sale  San Diego: 2010 4Runner Limited rims

  8. fiend

    Wheel and Tire combo? PLS HELP!!

    I found this 80 Series on Youtube with the coolest wheel/tire combo. I'm gonna link the video. if anyone has any ideas let me know.
  9. F

    Hubcap Cleanup/Restore

    If this has already been covered, please forgive me. But I've looked and haven't found anything. What do y'all think is the best way to cleanup and restore OEM hubcaps? Mine have some surface rust - both inside and out. Think they can handle a light sandblast? Or am I better off just sanding...
  10. H


    Hello members , long time reading here. Thank you, for so much knowledge. I have a 2004 4runner that i recently added steering wheel controls. I do not have the OEM stereo, i have a pioneer unit at the moment wich i will be replacing ... My problem is this: my car only has 3 wires connecting...
  11. beigecruiser

    Wanted  Seattle Area: Looking for 33x10.5 R15 tires to buy or trade

    Title says most of it. I'd consider buying the full wheelset or just the tires. If you're interested in trading, I have 5 Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT's for sale. Just bought them a few days ago but they're 31x10.5 R15's and with the lift on my rig, I'd prefer to go back to 33's. They're mounted...
  12. RyanJMU

    SOLD  Central Coast, CA - 100 Series OEM 18 inch Silver Wheels (04 Land Cruiser) with BF Goodrich KO2 305/65R18

    Hi everyone! I am looking to sell this set of four beautiful OEM 100 series Landcruiser 18-inch wheels with BFG K02 305/65R18 with a good amount of tread on them (only 15k miles on them). Other than a broken center cap on one of the wheels (see pics) these are in great shape. Local pickup is...
  13. EnnK

    For Sale  Black Wheels (+ Tires) for Land Cruiser

    A set of 4 black wheels for Land Cruiser along with Toyo tires (still about 7000-8000 left on it based on what we were told). Please note that I just bought this truck with those tires on. I am in process of replacing them with new wheels and tires. My guess is previous owner had them painted...
  14. F

    For Sale  SoCal 100 series chrome wheels 16”

    Selling land cruiser wheels off my 100 series. 3 are chrome and one is silver. No cracks or bends. 1 chrome has some curb marks, other 2 have some water marks that will need to be cleaned. Silver one is in good shape. No center caps. Asking $20 each, or $60 for all 4. Come take your pick.
  15. Tighe

    For Sale  Los Angeles 2008 LX570 chrome 20" wheels (wheels only, not tires or TPMS) - $325 obo

    All wheels in decent/good condition. Very minor rash as shown in photos. Evidently these are not particularly desirable, so I'm happy to unload them for cheap. Not interested in shipping, sorry. Pickup near West Hollywood, Los Angeles. Price obo.
  16. C

    For Sale  Omaha Ne. 2001 stock 4runner 16” wheels with Hankook Dynapro tires

    Price: Open to offers Tires Hankook Dynapro ATM Size: 265/70/16 Wheels Lug Pattern: 6 x 5.5/139.7mm Wheel iameter: 16 Also have a spare which is a different tire on a standard black hub
  17. O

    SOLD  NY/Westchester County: Stock Lexus GX470 Wheels

    Hi All, I'm selling my stock Lexus GX470 wheels (x4). They have usual wear and tear from my 2007 but are in reasonable/good shape. Asking $20 per wheel or $80 for all 4. Pick up is preferred but if you're not too far then we might be able to work something out. Thanks, Sam
  18. LonghornMudder

    SOLD  Austin TX: OEM Toyota 5-bolt, 5-spoke silver wheels & tires (set of 5)

    These 5-bolt, 5-spoke silver Toyota OEM wheels and center caps are from a 2011 model year, 200-series LandCruiser. Tires are Pathfinder Sport S-AT and they were manufactured in 2016. They have approximately 10k miles on the rubber. Attaching photos of the 4 that are installed, but I also have...
  19. mw1985fj

    Noobie: Wheels - will these first?

    https://www.4wheelparts.com/p/pro-comp-51-series-rock-crawler-15x8-wheel-with-6-on-5-5-bolt-pattern-flat-black-51-5883f/_/R-FPWF-51-5883F Picked out wheels and tires for my new-to-me 1985 FJ60. Called to order from 4WP but sales rep said this wheel WILL NOT fit. Not confident he was correct...
  20. firefight

    SOLD  5- 80 series rims SoCal still available

    Selling 5 stock rims off 80 series Land Cruiser. 6 lug pattern. Good condition. There are mixed tires on them, hold air, about 33 inch tires, but no Guarantee on them. Im in Lake Arrowhead. Can meet in the Inland Empire if needed. $400 Will post pictures tomorrow.
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