1. Shawl

    For Sale Northern IN/West MI, MT Classic 15x8 wheels and BFG All Terrain T/A 33x10.5x15 Tires

    Selling a set of four MT Classic 15x8 wheels with like-new BFG All Terrain T/A 33x10.5x15 tires. These came on my 82 FJ60 when I purchased it a few months back. The PO had put the tires on just before selling, I estimate they have less than 1500 miles on them. The wheels are in good shape with...
  2. jawbonemn

    For Sale Minneapolis fj40 wheels and tires

    4 x wheels and tires They have been in storage for about 5 years. 30x9.5x15 pathfinder AT Wheels were bead blasted, primed and painted gray. Tires have maybe 500 miles on them. Good shape $1000.00 obo
  3. 7

    For Sale NorCal (Bay Area): 100 Series OEM Wheels 16x8

    Selling 5 OEM wheels from my 99 Landcruiser. 16x8. Includes caps. Probably won't ship. $500 OBO
  4. Yeah

    Squeaky wheels, wheel a bit of the center.

    Guys, I’m lost. I’m trying to fix this problem since long time. Car has a lift 2”. I’ve changed bearings, all loose suspension elements. I’ve did wheel alignment maybe 3-4 times, it’s fine. My steering wheel sometimes it’s a bit off the center, sometimes it’s okay. Tires are squeaking badly on...
  5. 45th Parallel

    For Sale Traverse City, MI 2016 GX 460 wheels and tires

    OEM 2016 Lexus GX460 wheelset(4), with almost brand new 265/60/18 Goodyear SRA tires. Tires were installed on vehicle after trade in; GX was Lexus certified pre-owned. Only driven 3 months that winter before new wheels/tires were installed. No blemishes, straight and true. Will deliver...
  6. maybachs6

    Looking for one Detata DT 108 16" Rim/Wheel for SUV

    Hello, I am looking for one of these Detata wheels for my Lexus 470 due to one of mine breaking. I am not able to find a 16" rim online so If anybody is selling one, or can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Bardiya

    For Sale Dubai: 100 Series - NOS JDM steering wheel (03-07)

    New aftermarket JDM steering wheel for late model 100 Series. Wood trim with thumb grips and perforated leather. 700$ Shipped to the US
  8. Bardiya

    For Sale Dubai: Early 80 Series - Refurbished leather steering wheel

    1990-1994 3 Spoke Leather-wrapped steering wheel. Refurbished to original specs Available upon request 437.5$ shipped to the US Paypal accepted with extra fees
  9. LXGus

    For Sale (5) LX570 OEM wheels w/lugs and TPS

    Took these off my 2015 LX at 60k miles. Good condition. There is a little rash on 4 of them, but it's not bad and is reflected in the price. The spare was never used. $500 - pick up in Portland Oregon, or ship to your front door on your dime. I have more pics if you're interested
  10. Bardiya

    For Sale Dubai: 100 Series- Refurbished steering wheels (Grey & Beige)

    Refurbished perforated leather steering wheels for early 100 Series Land Cruisers (1998-2002) Includes Airbag and Cruise control stalk 437.5$ each 2 week shipping to the USA with tracking number
  11. Bardiya

    For Sale Dubai: 100 Series - 3 spoke steering wheels

    Rare 3-spoke urethane no airbag steering wheel for 100 Series Land Cruisers available in Grey and Beige 550$ Shipping quotes via PM
  12. Bardiya

    For Sale Dubai: 100 Series OEM leather wrapped steering wheels (1998-2002)

    OEM leather wrapped wheel with airbag and cruise control stalk 150$ each - ships worldwide
  13. E

    FJ60 OEM Steel Rim Restoration

    Hello everyone, Has anyone attempted or have any experience with restoring the stock, 15" steel rims for an FJ60? Not only re-chroming, but straightening and correcting runout as well? I'm at the point where new tires for the FJ60 always need massive balancing weights that end up falling off...
  14. OneLessThing

    If you had to do it again.. (Wheels & Tires)

    Yes, this is another thread about wheels and tires. But let's look at this from a slightly different angle. We've all made lots of mistakes...I mean, we've all created unintentional features along the way. But if you could do it again, what would you do differently? I'm hunting for new tires...
  15. CohibaDream

    SOLD GX460 OEM Wheels - set of 4

    Hi all - looking for a set of GX460 OEM wheels. I’m located in NW Arkansas. If anyone has a pair laying around, please let me know. The attached image is the style I need. Interested in fair price. Will drive to pick them up if it’s a reasonable distance. Also would pay reasonable shipping. Thanks!
  16. F

    Good Source for Steel Wheels?

    Has anyone ordered OEM wheels recently? I am looking for a good source who can package them well for shipping so they can arrive without damage. I ordered a set recently and they arrived pretty beat up mostly due to being re-packaged after they were acquired from the (presumably) local Toyota...
  17. D

    SOLD Set OEM 16” Chrome wheels + Spare from 2001 LX470 - Ventura County, CA

    I have a set of OEM 16” Wheels + the spare off of my 2001 LX470. I took some steel wool to the chromed wheels and they cleaned up pretty well, but there are still some imperfections from being on a 20 year old rig, the un-chromed spare wheel looks great. Personally I would have the wheels...
  18. N

    For Sale Middle TN, Wheels and Snow Tires for 1998-2007 LX 470

    Just bought a '98 LX 470 and it came with snow tires and factory 16" wheels. Tires are 265/75-R16 Cooper Discoverer M+S. Two are new with almost 100% of treat, the other two look like they have 50% of tread left. Some oxidation/corrosion on the barrels of the wheels, face of wheels range from...
  19. S

    SOLD Baton Rouge, LA - 1996 LX450 factory wheels

    looking to sell a set of freshly refurbished 1996 LX450 factory wheels (no center caps). $500+shipping. I am in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and will meet for an exchange in Baton Rouge.
  20. W

    For Sale IA: 4 Oversized tires on OEM Landcruier Wheels $300 OBO

    Came on the vehicle when I bought it from the dealership. Still have Toyota TPMS installed. Have since upgraded to the newer generation models. Tires are 295/70/18 300 OBO
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