Aussie lockers....

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Jun 25, 2003
I have the aussie lockers installed in my axles now. They work great, but I can't steer with the front engaged (its hard when your weak like me ;) ). Will power steering help with steering this thing when it is in 4wd? More to come on the aussie lockers!
you've just found your next

Yes, lockers GREATLY increase steering resistance, since when you turn, one tire rotates back slightly and the other forward, and the locker resists this.

One option is to set yourself up for 2wd low, and shift in-out a lot. easy mod, just change the guide plate for the t-case lever from a "L" shape into a square.

Have fun PS-option shopping!
Don't these allow you to selectively engage (front or rear, or both)? seems like you could use the rear for most work, engage the fronts only when needed? Just a thot.

Mike S
this locker engages automatically, not by switch or button.
On their website they list the 1969-1989 locker that will fit the 8.875" RP. I thought the cruiser ring gear was 9.5"??? I've never measured mine, maybe the inner diameter is 8.875"??? ???
I just put one of these aussie lockers in the rear of my 40. They do work. noisy mofo's. klickety clackety klunk! I guess I'll get used to the noise. I sure like the grip. I'm told if they dont make noise somethings broke.
As I understand how they work is that they are always locked and they automatically unlock some as you go around corners. Hence the clicketyclack around the corners. I dont think I'd want one these in the front. For the money you cant beat em. Real easy to put in the rear end.

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