arizona outback journey april 26/27

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Apr 8, 2008

I am inviting you to join me on a 2 day trip that will explore many trails that are rated easy. The exception is running from Lake Pleasant to Crown King.
The route will be very scenic and will be in the upper elevations with cooler temperatures

I will depart from Lake Pleasant at 0800 hours it should take roughly 3 hours to get to Crown King where we will stop for lunch.
We will continue via the Senator Highway to Prescott and set up camp at either Lynx Lake or Granite Basin.

From Prescott at 0800 we will depart and head north on 89A to FR 104 and follow the trail to Cherry. From Cherry we will go overland to Meyer to Bloody Basin. If time is permitted we will stop at Sheep Crossing and then head back on 7 Springs Road to Cave Creek.

I will be using a CB that will be on channel 4 as well as my cell phone. You are invited to join me any where on the route and can exit anywhere you please.

Please have the following items on board:

A spare tire
Tool box
First aid
Fire extinguisher
Straps, hooks and if possible but not needed a winch

If you plan on camping:

Sleeping bag
Camping fees
Cooking gear

Any breakdowns will be extracted to closest highway for safe recovery.
Gas points are as follows- Crown King, Prescott, Meyer and Cave Creek.

As usual pack it in-pack it ut or dispose trash in dumpsters when found along the way.

Because I posted this trip on a few boards I would ask that you email directly at yahoo! My email addy is azbootcamp. Its hard to check all the boards if any one places a post. Again- please email me directly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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