SOLD Arizona: 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62V Firetruck

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Vehicle Model
  1. 60 Series
This 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62V Firetruck is a Japanese-market import with 6,195 original miles. It’s powered by a carbureted 3F 4.0-liter inline-6 paired with an H55F 5-speed manual transmission and two-speed transfer case. It includes cruise control, dual-battery setup, heater, removable canvas top, and rear bench storage area. This FJ has received a complete fluid and oil system flush, as well as replacing every filter. New hose clamps were replaced where needed, and spark plugs were upgraded to platinum. Finished in the original Morita Red over the original dual-tone brown vinyl interior, this Land Cruiser has a clear Arizona title.

We’ve kept everything as original as possible. Everything that came after Morita converted the 60 series into a firetruck is original, besides the filters, spark plugs, and some hose clamps. It even has the original Toyo 14-ply studded snow tires from 1990.

There are no issues. After being imported, the first thing we did was flush all of the fluids and oils, as well as every filter, and replaced them with new liquids. We thoroughly went through the engine of the vehicle to find parts that needed replacing from the original and found none other than the spark plugs and some hose clamps. This vehicle is in very good condition. There are clearly things the future owner can upgrade like the shocks, wheels, and tires, but we wanted to keep everything as original as possible in case a collector was buying it for their garage and wanted the original working parts. It is good to go.

Instrumentation is delivered by a 180-km/h speedometer, a 5k-rpm tachometer, and auxiliary gauges. The six-digit mechanical odometer reads 9,971 kilometers (6,195 miles) which is a true reading.

Original everything, ready for a collector or an enthusiast that wants to customize everything and take it across the country. The rear fire equipment is bolt-on-frame, so adding a truck bed and using it as a daily driver is also possible.



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