1. Honger

    3F Alternator Upgrade

    So @MES posted up his alternator swap... and it proved very timely. I believe my existing alternator, with external voltage regulator, has been dying a slow death for some time. It came to a head on our camping trip to Coronado National Forest in early May. Our daily drives/explorations weren't...
  2. T

    3F vacuum diagram (AUS) 1988 FJ62

    Hi all, I'm chasing down a potential vacuum issue on my 1988 3F carb (Australia) and my original vacuum line diagram on the air intake has faded to solid white. Anyone here with the same setup got one they can grab a pic of? I've browsed pretty much every site and manual to find one and only...
  3. sigorama

    Parting Out  Parting Out 1987 FJ60, 189k miles, Blue/Grey Interior

    Fresh part out on a 1987 Toyota LandCruiser FJ-60. Transfer case is bad but lots of great parts and only 189k miles. View more pics here: https://sigfridsandsons.com/parting-out-1987-toyota-land-cruiser-fj60-189k-miles/ Parts include: -Bike rack and roof rack cross bars -Front and rear axles...
  4. Ben Brittain

    Wanted  3F or 2F engine

    looking for a 3f engine for my FJ62, wouldn’t be opposed to a 2F. Really want to get my cruiser back on the road so Please let me know what you have! I’m in north Texas and would prefer not to have to ship if possible. Willing to drive quite a ways though! Thanks!
  5. lavapokey

    Parting Out  Resume selling FJ60/62 Parts

    Over the past year I moved so was pretty unresponsive to selling parts, but my move has settled down and I still have lots of parts I need to sell. Here's a copy of my current Craigslist ad. Let me know what you need and I will let you know availability and get you photos. You can also check...
  6. T

    FJ75 fuel system (3F engine)

    Does anyone have a schematic diagram of the fuel system on a FJ75 Troopcarrier (3F petrol), that they could post up please? I've inherited one in bits, and am putting it back together. Cheers.
  7. W

    1988 fj62 a440f to h150f swap

    I currently have a 1988 fj62 and the trans is completely toast on it and I have an option to get a fj70 series 5 speed manual as long as i pay just the shipping for it. Has anyone swapped a 5 speed h150f behind a 1hz diesel in a 62 with a 3f motor? I'm guessing it wont be a bolt on project but...
  8. Ryno5150

    Wanted  2F engine, 3F-E head + EFI components and engine management

    Doing a frame off restoration of my father's 65 FJ40. Looking to build a 2F-E for it. Need complete 2F engine, 3F-E cylinder head and all engine management components - intake and exhaust manifolds, wiring harnesses, etc. I live in GA, but the vehicle is at my parents' house in WA...
  9. Forest62

    For Sale  (SoCal) SOLD!

    I am pulling the 3FE from my '89 FJ62. It is all original as much as I can tell. It does have some leaks. 310K original miles, again as far as I can tell. Trans was rebuilt by PO and has ~1,500 miles on it. Comes with ECU, harness etc up to the transfer case. That is staying with the new motor...
  10. ivandiaz

    Weber or stock carb on 3F engine

    I have been using the Weber 38 DGMS on my FJ80 3F engine and works just fine. I live in Bogota, Colombia, meaning +5K feet above sea level, but I have been wondering if the carburator really makes a significant difference on my rig considering it has headers. Also carries 35¨ tires and stock...
  11. A

    3f turbo/ supercharge

    G'day guys can anyone shed some light on which option is best Iv had a 3f built for a turbo but the guy I bought the turbo gear off has ripped me off now I'm up for options. What's your thorts
  12. F

    1985 FJ73 Bogging down at 2000rpm

    Hey guys, new to IH8MUD. Racking my brain trying to figure this one out. Runs fine however when accelerating at around 2000rpm feels like bogging down/spitting/sputtering. I've changed all spark plugs, inspected leads, new fuel pump, just today did a carby rebuild. At each of these stages ive...
  13. F

    Fj60 virgin

    Hi everyone,I've been lurking for quite some time now and finally decided to join officially:smokin: Just some basics,I live in South Africa, I'm 21 years old,good mechanical knowledge and always ready to learn so I apologise in ahead for any stupid questions. I enjoy the outdoors and 4x4ing...
  14. C

    Wanted  3F for FJ62

    Looking for a 3F for an 89' , in washington state, pm!
  15. rkymtnflyfisher

    SOLD  3F carb hat

    I won't be needing this anymore. $75 plus shipping.
  16. 876 Cruisers

    Gearbox for 3f

    I have a spare gearbox for a 1fz engine which is the H151f. My friend is looking to swap out his 4 speed gearbox which he has on a 3f engine. I was wondering if they were the same gearbox or similar and could work.
  17. bossman28

    Should I Abandon My F-Engine Rebuild

    Hello, I am new to the forum so for give me if I am doing everything correctly. But i own a 1971 FJ40 that I bought for $500 two years ago (as you can imagine it looks rough. The the vehicle had been sitting since the early 80s and I am currently in the process of "restoring" it. The body has...
  18. TroutFJ

    3f bellhousing on 2f engine???

    Hey, so some of you have been following my posting on building up my 87 fj60. Last night as I was prepping the frame for the repair I noticed something that raised some red flags (and maybe it's not a problem.). The engine says 2F on the valve cover but the bellhousing has 3F stamped on it. I...
  19. Y

    Wanted  Looking for a Head for a 3F engine

    I need a head for a 3F engine. Would love to know if anyone has one state side.
  20. pengfinn

    Builds  The Leviathan: My slow build of my slow truck

    Morning, mud! I figured it was time to start one of these, but it'll definitely be a slow-go as there's a lot going on for me right now. I found my '91 FJ80 roughly a year and a half ago. Long story short, my boss got the short end of the stick in a deal with a used car salesman and ended up...
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