arb locker switch led heat

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Oct 21, 2005
has anyone noticed that the arb locker switches get very hot when they are lit up( when the headlghts are on)? is this normal? any danger of melting something besides my fingers?
Mine do the same thing, I've gotten used to it.
I routed mine through the stock locker dial and no it doesn't get hot. But that would disturb me.
reffug said:
But that would disturb me.

You panzy boys get disturbed by the smallest things.
Yup mine get hot too but i'm not worried.
Is it really a led? If not, swap out the bulb for a led. That should fix the heat.
Mine heat up...I have LED's switches from Digikey em. If I could find a LED lamp for the ARB switches I'd use them.

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