Arb locker and regear on front diff problem (1 Viewer)

May 5, 2021
Australia melbourne
Hi all new friends im a newb here first time posting long time reader. Iv just installed arb airlocker in front diff and 4.65 nitro gears. Lockers turned out perfect and i thought gears were good too but once i installed it all i took it for a test drive and its making a winning noise at about 70 to 90 kph . Eceleration and deceleration . Pinion preload was about 16 foot pounds the pinion shim i used was the same one that come out with the factory gears and backlash was about 15 thou. . The carrier bearing preload was just done by turning the side rings 2 clicks into each other. Can anyone shed some info on anything you might think i done wrong . Would be a big help. Here is a pic of the final gear patten i achieved just before installation


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