ARB Import Issues? Can’t find a PAN3050 (1 Viewer)

Aug 24, 2019
Roseville, CA
So I know Covid has demolished logistics around the world. It seems Australian imports were hit hard. Fortunately I was able to get everything I needed from Slee except an ARB/OME PAN3050 adjustable Panhard Bar for my front end.

I have ordered at least 10 of them on online online to find out they are back ordered 3-6 weeks. I called cruiser outfitters and paid for one that was supposed to arrive on the 7th. Well no dice, looks like some one else got my bar. Now they said the next shipment is at least out 3 weeks.

Any suggestions? Any places I may not have looked?
Oct 8, 2003
FWIW I've been waiting for a new pressure switch for my ARB compressor for 7 weeks and counting.

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