ARB Fridge Rattle

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Feb 14, 2014
The fridge sits on a roller top OS drawer (loaded) using ARB tie downs with aircraft track mounts and it rattles, I think excessively, over every little bump. Its the compressor inside, not the drawer or anything else back there.

I'm on OME 866 springs with BIOR rear bumper with swing outs. I called ARB and they said that's the way it is, nothing you can do.

Anyone experience this and have any solutions besides removing the fridge or adding more weight to the truck?

Not looking forward to traveling long distances over washboards this summer.
Interesting…… mine doesn't rattle at all.
I have an ARB 50qt in my patrol in oz (leaf sprung) and it sits on a plywood false floor. Oz is the land of corrugations and there's not a rattle or squeak out of the fridge. It is strapped down through its handles to the false floor.

Thanks for the input guys, guess I will look at getting it replaced. Cheers!

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