ARB Bumper with Shackle Reversal

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May 22, 2007
Virginia Beach, VA
Anyone got pics or a detailed explaination of how they fitted their ARB to front end with a 4+ Shackle reversal? How much modification are we talking?
Dude I got one of those expidition bumpers that only a couple were made and I have the same problem. Looks like I have to grind out the welds and widen the mounting points and re-weld. Major pain that I was not expecting.

Not sure about a ARB, but that looks like my only way to make it fit
Expedition bumpers? Never heard of 'em, what's it look like?
magic beans do you have the new or old style ARB? If it is the old I can post up some pics. if it is the new then you post picks of the problem areas and we can see if we can get you running before your trip.

There was a thread awhile back about it. I just used a sawzall and trimmed the bumper. For my MAF SR and ARB bull bar.
It's the old style ARB. I plan to pick it up this wednesday. Thanks for all your help guys.

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